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breakfast at bill’s


Wearing: Tom’s koala beanie, vintage blouse, Lonely Hearts velvet pinafore & Sessun coat.

It’s funny how time flies. London was already a week ago and Tom and I have already landed in Paris (and are about to leave it for Switzerland very soon as well!). Between London and Paris, we were also going to spend half a day at Brussels trying out their waffles, chocolate and fries (apparently all very famous). However, on the morning we left London, we suddenly both felt really sick and ended up vomitting (well me, at least) our way to Paris, with none of the above on the menu! I thought I’d quickly play catch up with my London posts, then skip Paris so I can post from Lucerne in real time.

So there’s this beautiful and quirky brunch cafe in St Martins Place, London, that I thought I’d do a post on – since I took so many photos of it. Tom & I had both been craving a huge English breakfast since the day we got here. So it was a mighty moment when we finally decided to make it happen and did a quick Google search on nearby eateries that served bacon, eggs and more. We found Bill’s. And it was only a couple of streets from where we stayed, hidden in a little alleyway. The interior decor of the cafe really brought the place to life – with bottles and cans lining the walls, old mismatched furniture, chalkboards and tissue paper hanging from the ceiling. Tom & I both enjoyed the Bill’s breakfast special and we highly recommend you guys check it out :-)

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  • Oh, what a lovely place !! First I thought it was a kind of library haha. I like the vintage and cozy atmosphere. I hope you feel better now :)
    Enjoy your trip, keep the greatest memories :-*

    Couleur Spleen.

  • Cuteredbow

    This place is great ! Love the vintage decor ! 


  • It looks so awesome! Definitely going there sometime :D

  • margaretzhang

    Freaking cutie. I miss you!

  • Kris-Anne Viray

    This place looks awesome! I’m hoping to go there sometime. Love your coat Kina!

  • The cafe looks amazing! I also love your hat, so cute.

  • rhodawong

    that place looks beyond amazing!


  • Your koala hat is so adorable! Looks like an amazing place, love the photography!


  • The place looks beautiful. Take care Kani!

  • style- friend

    that place look so unique! love the decor!!

  • Your photos are amazing! Hope you guys are recovering well!


  • Hope your feeling better! I love uniquely decorated restaurants; they make the food taste even better.
    And I love that hat you’re wearing!
    Love, Evan
    beauty and a book

  • i must go there like, must T_T lovely pics and always kani. and aw, i spot such stylish couple on the last pic <333 get well soon, lovely!

  • Erica

    Wow, that looks amazing! A much healthier version (well looks like!) than our british fry ups!
    Erica xo


  • oooh i love quaint little places like this! and breakfast is my favorite meal :)
    ~niki <3

  • i.s.

    darling place! xx

  • Shawnee Rajala

    what a charming place! love your blog. xo