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our friend snowy

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Wearing: Bardot mustard beanie, Sessun Julie & Candy red parka, H&M green scarf, Zara corduroy jeans & Topshop black boots 

The most obvious thing to do when it is snowing outside is.. to build a snowman! There’s a park immediately next to our apartment which is completely covered with snow. In fact I’ve got no idea whether it is a park or not. It’s simply an empty expanse of land and who knows if there is grass (or gravel) underneath?! With so much snow on the ground, we couldn’t help but get on our knees like little kids and build ourselves a snowman. His name is Snowy & we were definitely feeling super creative at the time. It’s funny how the consistency of snow is. It’s very, very soft – like fairy floss or flour. To get this little guy into shape involved a lot of hand pressure to ensure he wouldn’t fall apart :)

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  • Kelly

    Loving you and your little snowy friend x

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      Thank you! 

  • Tian

    These photos are adorable! And I love your coat. :)


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      Thanks Tian! This coat has served me so well this holidays. I have never been so warm in my life.

  • Mynameispeggysue

    I love the snow! You are very beautiful!! Pink kissessssss from Madrid!!

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      Thank you for your sweet comment XX

  • hchang32

    very jealous of the snow, I haven’t gotten much this year!
    I love your hat and your mittens, so adorable.

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      I didn’t think I could not like snow until I saw Vienna actually… so much snow! 

  • http://jelinecatacutan.tumblr.com/ Jeline Catacutan

    I wish we had snow here. I’ve always wanted to make a snowman haha!


  • rhodawong

    so cute! love your colors!


  • Mili

    ah such beautiful photos! Love the printed pants with the coat :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  • Camille

    Your blog is absolutely lovely, and your flower handbands are so charming … ! I will follow you, now you are in my links, on my blog :


    Kisses from France ;)

  • TheresaTran

    Ahh SNOW! (: Lovely photos!! I love how vibrant your outfit is! very cute!


  • http://andini-ria.blogspot.com/ Andi

    It looks so lovely! Gorgeous outfit! <3


  • http://moiraparton.blogspot.co.uk/ MoiraParton

    Awww, you’re so cute and your teeny snowman too! x

  • http://bernadette-czle.blogspot.com/ Bernadette Czle

    you’re so cute!!

  • MadelineVeenstra

    Amazing! I’ve actually never built a snowman before. Now that I’m living in the US, I think I’ll make that my goal for this year :) p.s. love your scarf, green definitely suits you.

  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    OMG your snowman is co cute!!! Hahaha. I live in Singapore and we don’t have snow here, so I’ve never experienced it before! Hope I can soon (:


  • http://www.circusofcakes.blogspot.in/ Jenna

    I am so jealous of the snow. I live in LA and it’ll just.. never happen! Haha. Your snowman is adorable :) xo Jenna

  • novarinna

    Ms. K you are my fav !!! Looks so cute !

  • Adeline Yang

    aaawww snowy is so cute and so does your beanie :D

  • Miss imi
  • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

    warm in a coat* ;-)

  • Scames

    I love the orange beanie…adorable!

  • bold_barbara