a mountain that took my breath away


Hello, world! I have since moved from Switzerland to Austria to Italy and the internet connection has been somewhat non-existent. Tethering on the phone seems to be the only way to go right now so apologies for the delay in posts. On the bright side, I literally could almost line up a post a day for the next three weeks. I just wanted to quickly share with you one of the most breathtaking views I have ever been able to witness with my own eyes. I had great expectations of the Swiss landscapes after seeing numerous beautifully shot photos on Google. Little did I know that when I climbed into the panorama gondola at Mt Pilatus, I was about to see the most amazing view I will have ever seen in my life. (Fresh) snow seems to have this effect of being so romantic and movie-like. As we drifted to over thousands of metres above ground, we couldn’t help but keep our eyes fixated on the amazing 360 degree panoramic views around us. I took hundreds of photos which of course, doesn’t do it as much justice as what it is really like in reality. I realise I have too many photos to put in one blog post so I thought I would first do a small post on what you might expect should you one day decide to take a ride up this very mountain.. it’s beautiful!


Wearing: Tom’s beanie, Sessun Julie & Candy coat, H&M green scarf

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  • What a view! Winter wonderland is a understatement! Beautiful! 
    With love,


  • Ivy

    These views are absolutely beautiful. You’re so lucky to be in Europe! I’ve wanted to go there for as long as I can remember – and this post just solidified the time that I have to travel there needs to be during their Winter. It looks amazing, I hope you have a wonderful time and I will definitely be looking forward to your future travel posts!

  • Andi

    What an amazing view! All that snow <3

  • Huyen

    lovely impressions!

  • The view is insane! So jealous of you on your Europe trip, haha! Can’t wait for the follow up posts!

  • jess_3fq

    Kani, I love your blog and your photography is amazing.

  • aww I hope you-re having a great time, Kani!

    Drawing Dreaming

  • rhodawong

    such a beautiful place! and i love your hat, so cute!

  • Adeline Yang

    stunning view! swiss is wonderful!

  • Francesca

    wow, it’s beautiful just looking at the photos; I’d love to be there in person!


  • Elle Thompson

    This looks absolutely amazing! I hope that one day I can travel there :) 

  • Elle Thompson

    This looks absolutely amazing! I hope that one day I can travel there :)

  • Alexia Mickens

    Looks like your having fun on your vacation!

    xx,  sweet bird
    xx,  sweet bird

  • novarinna

    What a beautiful place *envy* :(

  • This post makes me feel so nostalgic – I lived in Switzerland for a year and absolutely loved it. It’s so incredibly beautiful and you have captured it so well!

  • Little Miss Mon Bon

    This looks simply incredible! I need to get to Switzerland STAT!

    Enjoy your travels!

  • Jen K.

    dear kani, 
    this is the exact place where i fell in love with Switzerland myself! aren’t the views just amazing? hope you are enjoying your european vacay. 
    much love from a huge fan in LA! 

  • Wowsers!!! Love it!