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this is rome

romediary33 this is rome

Trevi Fountain

romediary29 this is rome

Confetti-ed cobblestones (wearing Topshop buckle boots, Primark dress, United Colours of Benetton Coat)

romediary28 this is rome

Walking down the Spanish steps at sunset

romediary25 this is rome

Watching the warm sunset seep through Via Condotti

romediary231 this is romeromediary211 this is rome

The Pantheon at night

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Enjoying the view at the ever so grand Piazza Venezia

romediary9 this is rome

The morning view from our apartment

romediary81 this is romeromediary7 this is rome romediary5 this is rome

The beautiful streets of Rome

romediary24 this is rome

Before the ever so long climb of St Peter’s Basilica dome

romediary23 this is rome

The Swiss guards at Vatican City

romediary21 this is rome

The Colosseum

romediary18 this is romeromediary17 this is romeromediary8 this is romeromediary6 this is rome

Roaming (or should I say, ‘Roming’) the streets of Rome romediary4 this is rome

The view from inside the Colosseum (Wearing Sessun red wool coat, Topshop green knit jumper, Primark dress & Topshop buckle boots)

romediary2 this is rome

My boyfriend and I on our last day in Rome :’-)

Looking back, I think Rome was one of the cities I liked more than others. It may have been because I had no expectations and so my expectations were exceeded as by contrast in Paris, I had high expectations and it just didn’t quite make it (although it was still quite wonderful!). Or it just could have been because it was finally warm and the sunshine made everything seem better. Rome is so scenic and I didn’t expect that for some strange reason. We stayed just a street away from the Roman Forum and Colosseum and everywhere was quite walkable. We were only there for two days and being scammed almost three times and being on constant alert for pickpockets didn’t even come close to ruining my time there. In Rome, every corner you turn reveals a beautifully aged building or attraction. The city centre seems as if there are two parallel universes co-existing side by side – the ‘modern’ Rome with all its activity and the ‘ancient’ Rome with ruins scattered in the most random places. You’d be walking past a string of busy shops and cafes and all of a sudden there is a 2000sqm block of ruins. It’s so interesting to see these things next to each other and you’d imagine just how much history this eternal city has. Another thing about Rome that I found interesting (or just plain scary) was the fact that pedestrians rule the roads. Most zebra crossings don’t have pedestrian lights and so if you want to cross the busy roads of Rome, you just have to go for it. This is actually the same for the rest of Italy however there were no cars in Venice & roads in Florence didn’t daunt me so much as they were only one or two lanes wide. In Rome, the roads were huge and crossing the road was an often an experience of relief when you could walk in the shadows of a brave local OR frightening like a deer caught in the headlights as the cars often don’t brake until the very last second. My favourite places in Rome was Trevi Fountain – there was something about the place that was just magical – sunset at the Spanish Steps and seeing the Pantheon lit up in the evening. Two days certainly was not enough time there and I really can’t wait until the next time I am back.

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  • Lydia Teo

    I’ll be too scared to go to Rome cause of the pickpockets that I so often hear about! But it seems like a must-place visit before I die, haha! So beautiful!

  • Oona Viskari

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful girl! I love your Benetton coat, where can I buy same kind of thing? 

  • rhodawong

    such amazing photography! looks like so much fun!

  • Julia Smolnik

    I think I’m the biggest fan of your blog, haha. All your posts are amazing! You’re so talented photographer, you’re so beautiful, you’ve got amazing style – you’re just perfect, haha! :D

  • kitsune-kun

    oh wow! what a place! I’d love to be able to see Italy someday!

  • Adeline Yang

    oh yeah, that definitely is rome ;D
    beautiful pictures you posted! i wish i was there too hahaha

  • MoiraParton

    Your travel photographs are so pretty! I love them. I agree with you in that Paris seem to not live up to people’s expectations and other cities “wow” tourists more. I loved Venice and cannot wait to go back to Barcelona. Now, I wanna visit Rome even more! Thanks for sharing your experiences here in Europe! x

  • Yulia_Yudina

    Great sunny post! And lovely outfit!

  • bold_barbara
  • Phoebe Robinson

    Oh when I went to Rome it was the height of summer and so very beautiful. So jealous of you! xxx

  • Luisa M

    I’ve been to Rome quite a few times, but only ever in the Summer! It looks equally as magical in Winter!!! Love it <3

  • Steffi

    There’s something very landscapey about your pictures and it just makes them pop even more. I am in more than slightly in love with your ankle boots and if I could afford it right now, I would. Yes, I so would :)

  • Dress To Cook

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the boot! Beautiful outfit!


  • Ruth Lalliankimi

    Beautiful photos- you’ve captured the greatest shots ever. I really enjoyed reading this :)
    I also love how you wore a Primark dress so well- really suits you :)

    Ruth x

  • Lady Vintage

    Beautiful pics!

  • Lady Indo

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Loved your photos! And loved your outfit. The view from your apartment window was just divine!

  • Jenna

    OH MY GOSH, your blog is so magical. I just spent so long looking through your photos, they are wonderful. Your life looks so fun. Definitely following you! <3

  • Nadège

    wonderful photos!!!
    reminds my own trip… <3
    it such a wonderful city with a fine architecture!
    Ilive in Paris, and the atmosphere is rather different in Rome, even if Paris has great places and architectures!
    And as always I love your outfit, your coat especially!