Wearing: ASOS white blouse, The Rodnik Band ‘Anchor Print’ jacket, Quirky Circus skirt, Miu Miu sunglasses, Vanessa Mooney ‘Sweet Antiquity’ necklace, vintage bag and Gorman boots {Photos: Tom}

White and blue, an easy fail safe combination that I sometimes find myself reaching out for on those days when you have to get dressed in the dark. I wore this last week to the LMFF Business Seminar – a full day event hosted at the Sofitel Grand Ballroom where I learnt a wealth of knowledge regarding business and fashion from speakers from around the world. One of the highlights of the day was hearing Mary Katrantzou speak. I was so happy to hear she’d be in Melbourne for LMFF as I have always been a major fan of her crazy out of the world digital prints printed on equally crazy dress silhouettes. Hearing about her humble beginnings and how she has gone down the path to where she is now at such a young age was very inspiring. Her collection for Topshop this time last year sold out so very fast and I remember falling in love with this dress of hers in store (not for long) before it quickly went out of stock. Something I know I’ll be forever dreaming of despite it being very unlikely it will ever land in my hands!

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  • Francesca

    Your skirt is so cute! I love the jacket too :-)


    • thank you! funnily enough this is one of my favourite skirts. i’ve had it for so many years and still wear it til this day!

  • kirbybee

    I’m a big fan of Mary K myself. Anyone who can take a picture of yellow pencils and turn it into such an amazing digital print is just ridiculously talented! Her latest collection was simply divine, would love to own a little piece of Katrantzou one day.

    p.s. those green boots are stunners!

    • me too :-) it would be a dream come true

  • Rosa Nguyen

    Love the colours of the boots and the blouse!


  • Alexia Mickens

    I love your Mui Mui sunglasses! I’ve been dreaming of them since you posted on instagram. I also love this anchor print jacket mixed with the dotted skirt. You always look so chic!

    In the Mean
    In the Mean

    • i love them too! i searched high and low for this particular style – for some reason they arrived in australian stores before european stores so when i was there some stores hadn’t even gotten them in yet. thankfully i managed to find a pair at miu miu in venice :’-)

  • ishara merhai

    love the look, the skirt is adorable love it !

    xx ish


    • thank you ishara! one of my favourite skirts to wear, so versatile and happens to match so many things

  • Love your Miu Miu shades! And really like the jacket too, the print is so interesting!


    • i always seem to have a nautical phase go past me every now and then!

  • rhodawong

    love that print on your jacket!


    • thanks :-) so happy to have bought it just as it went on sale :’-)

  • love this outfit! the skirt and the shoes are especially adorable! x

  • Your outfit looks amazing! :)

  • kathyrine

    I love the color of those boots!


    • thanks ! i also love green – i happen to have a strange addiction to the colour when it comes to wardrobe choices.

  • Anna Black

    Love your bag, it’s so classic!


    • thank you anna! so happy to have found it at the markets a few years ago. i still use it to this day

  • Kirsty

    Your skirt is rad!
    Love this outfit.
    x Kirsty

  • joannie

    Your glasse are to die for! Not to mention youre super cute and fun skirt. Youre an inspiration!