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lmff x frankie runway highlights

frankielmff1 lmff x frankie runway highlights

I am highly ambitious tonight. After attending the LMFF x Frankie runway tonight, I thought it would be humanly possible to come home at 11:30PM, filter, edit and get a blog post up and going before I went to sleep. Officially 1:28AM (Happy Monday, all) – I have accidentally turned the power off my computer once, the wireless stopped working abruptly leaving me to have to type this post again, phone battery died mid-Instagram.. probably not a good idea! But such is my dedication to wanting to get these photos up ASAP and it is because of this, I now present to those who still join me awake tonight, my personal favourites from the runway earlier tonight. The runway was decorated with bundles of wheat grass which the models weaved around as they walked down the catwalk. I shan’t say too much, the photos probably do a better job than me speaking at this hour but these are basically my favourite looks from the night. I personally enjoyed this show a lot as all of these brands are ones I love – enjoy!

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Karen Walker : bright frames (I want them all), peter pan collared coats and clever tailoring.

frankielmff6 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff7 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff8 lmff x frankie runway highlights

frankielmff9 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Kuwaii: The most kawaii muted pink wool and buttery yellows. I love how the dress and hat were styled together – such a quirky take to working the two piece look.

frankielmff10 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff12 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff13 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Limedrop: tote backpacks, asymmetrical hems which fly so beautifully down the catwalk, bright pants and those gold tipped ankle boots!

frankielmff14 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff15 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff17 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff18 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff19 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff20 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Leonard Street: absolute love. That green coat and that swan print. Cropped peplum, bird print jeans and lots of wool for a chilly Melbourne Winter. Not sure if you can see in the photos – but those adorable bucket bags carrying dried wheat are definitely on the top of my wishlist.

frankielmff21 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Jolet: this skirt – love this unexpected sheer!

frankielmff22 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff24 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Secret South (formerly Secret Squirrel): loved the silk print tassel scarves, arm candy and geo-print dresses. The red coat was also beautiful and reminds me a little of the one I picked up in Paris!

frankielmff25 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff26 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff27 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff28 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff29 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff31 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff32 lmff x frankie runway highlightsfrankielmff34 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Gorman: One of my first loves. The colourful knits, boxy coats, leopard print and paddington coats. However the best part: those silver boots.

frankielmff35 lmff x frankie runway highlights

Final walk

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mei-Jein/1130081997 Mei Jein

    Ah! I love them all c:
    The yellow dress by
    Kuwaii is adorable!

    xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  • http://denysiayu.blogspot.com/ Denysia

    I love this entire collection! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  • Alexia Mickens

    I’m kind of dying for spring!!
    xx, Alexia at In the Mean

  • Evana

    Gotta love your dedication :) Thanks for the beautiful pics! Wish I could’ve been there, I was dying to go to LMFF! <3


  • rosie_cumberlidge

    Looks like an incredible collection! I love the different bird prints :)



  • Sharon Lee

    Gotta give you a round of applause for updating your blog after the fashion runway! Leonard Street’s green coat, Secret South’s red coat, and Gorman’s silver boots, they are utterly stunning (: !


    Thanks for sharing- beautiful pics Kani!
    Love, the Kuwaii Girls xx

  • http://pearlveins.blogspot.com.au/ gemmadawn

    Ahh thank you for sharing the photos! I was tempted to go to this runway show, but didn’t end up doing so in the end.
    Also well done for your blogging dedication!

    x g.

  • ele1.milan

    Very cool runaway!

    PS Have you heard that GFC will be switched off on July 1st? You can read about it here I hope you’ll follow me via bloglovin,too to continue to get in touch! I’ve already done it!

  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    Love the boots, and I actually like the 1st look the best!