Wearing: Bardot Blazer, Three Floor ‘Wowzer’ dress, Vanessa Mooney ‘What Dreams May Come’ body chain, Marc Jacobs bracelet, PinkLouLou horseshoe ring, handmade rings and Sam Edelman mary jane heels. {Photos: Tom}

Been keeping busy with the last few days getting my photos sorted and edited that I almost didn’t realise Wednesday hit already! After waking up at 5AM to see the Ellen Show, spending the weekend days writing a double digit page marketing assignment and spending the weekend nights at LMFF.. time goes fast and before you know it you’re two weeks behind every other subject and inbox. Now that the assignment is done and dusted and that MBFWA flights have just been booked (yiha!), I thought it would be a good time to update my blog and get this post up of an outfit I wore recently. I love this dress and have been looking for the right moment or day to wear it. I decided that day was last Saturday, when I took this dress out to its first ever fashion show in Melbourne – the Bazaar Brides Red Carpet Runway (which was a most spectacular show fit with a live violinist and showcasing the most elegant bridal gowns). It’s a special dress to me as its neckline reminds me of floating clouds, its fabric is like a sartorial adventure of woven threads and it fits me perfectly! I just love these heavily embellished skirts which feature in Three Floor’s latest collection and decided to complement them with heels of the same colour, a beaded body chain from Vanessa Mooney to play on the emphasis of structure and shape and a white blazer to contrast with the sparkles. To me, this dress is love!

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  • ball_of_wool

    That dress is literally a work of art, you’ve styled it beautifully <3


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you! three floor always seems to create the most beautiful, structured dresses i’ve ever seen

  • http://smile-throughitall.blogspot.com/ Ivy

    Gorgeous dress. That embroidery detail is so pretty!
    I regret not waking up at 5 to see Ellen! I got there at around 10 and didn’t end up getting in. BUT she did come to the smaller stage outside after her show and I got to see her pretty close up! Way closer than what I would of if I had been let in so I was definitely happy. She’s so cute!

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      oh yes, you probably saw her much better than i :-) we were at the back unfortunately and being short, i hardly even saw her on the LCD screens.

  • http://sartorialust.blogspot.com/ Jeline Catt

    Such a beautiful dress (just like the wearer hee hee). I love the embellishments on it!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      aww thank you sweet jeline! X

  • ishara merhai

    such an amazing look, the dress is amazing love the detail and originality of it !

    adore that color on you!

    xx ish


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      love what three floor does :)

  • rhodawong

    what a perfect cutout dress and body chain!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thanks! i was hoping they wouldn’t clash too much with all this structurey stuff going on :)

  • Janine

    Love every detail. Brava!

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you janine!

  • Andrea Lourdes Hinostroza Bend

    Woww love your dress!! so stunning!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you for your lovely comment andrea !

  • Alexia

    You look like such a darling in this sweetheart dress!
    In The Mean blog
    xx, Alexia

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you! i just love the neckline of it :)

  • http://livedlovedlaughedcried.blogspot.co.uk/ Laura Jones

    that dress is beyond beautiful, and you look stunning! x

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you for your lovely comment!

  • http://twitter.com/icraveforbliss Gemnikka Alcantara

    Lovely!!! <333


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thanks for your sweet note :)

  • miyaka

    you look FABULOUS!! seriously, only you can pull off embellished cutout dresses like these! x3


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      oh no i’m sure you could too!

  • http://www.sweeterthansolitude.com/ Jiru


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      Thank you jiru for your comment :-)

  • Melanie P

    It does fit you perfectly! I love the detail and body of the dress. Perfect!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you melanie! love Vanessa Mooney’s pieces :)

  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    The detailing of the skirt at the bottom is just amazing!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      it is! i spent many an hr staring at it’s craziness!

  • indri tanny

    so beautiful connie.. the detail must be making you so lovely in real..

  • Maryanne

    What size did you get this dress? I am in love with Three Floor dresses, and I’m planning to buy one because of you!