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yellow1s goldenyellow2s goldenyellow3s goldenyellow4s goldenyellow5s goldenyellow6s goldenyellow7s goldenyellow8s goldenyellow9s goldenyellow11ss golden Wearing: Natasha Gan top, Vanishing Elephant ‘Edmunston’ cord skirt, Faith white heels, Mezi necklace, ASOS clutch, Fossil rose gold watch, Fossil rose gold bangle & Marc Jacobs rose gold bracelet.
Photos: Tom 

Sometimes I just feel like wearing one colour and today that colour was yellow. Yellow is just one of those colours I have been loving so much recently. When I was in Europe in Jan, I was searching high and low for a yellow knit jumper but had no luck at all. The closest I got was a neon yellow knit at Topshop but that wasn’t quite the shade I was going for. Fast forward four months and I am still hopelessly in love with the colour (and still having no luck with the yellow knit). I was so happy when I came across two bright yellow separates – a sheer top embossed with yellow velvet by Natasha Gan and a button down cord skirt from Vanishing Elephant. What are the chances? I knew I had to wear them together.

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  • Monique Ceccato

    Stunning – I love everything about this outfit! Yellow can be such a hard colour to pull off, but you do it with such ease!

    • Connie Cao

      thanks Monique ! X

  • kitsune-kun

    yellow looks so good on you, and that’s a way cute skirt- great shape and material!

    • Connie Cao

      thanks! it is so good for the cooler weather too

  • Andini Ria

    Yellow really suits you! Such a beautiful, vibrant look, I absolutely love the contrast of the blue necklace!

    • Connie Cao

      thank you :-)

  • rhodawong
    • Connie Cao

      thank you rhoda thought i’d go with a bit of contrast

  • xanthe collier

    You wear brights so well! I also love the accessories x

    • Connie Cao

      thank you!

  • anaivilo

    Oh that top is so beautiful! I just love the details, they make it look much more fabulous! :D And [aired with that skirt, it’s just perfect! :D

    • Connie Cao

      thank you ! <3

  • Francesca

    This colour looks amazing on you


  • RDYN!

    Those two pieces look great together.
    Now that I think about it, I don’t have much yellow either.
    But Yellow isn’t my colour just yet.

    You’ll be standing out with yellow this Autumn in Melbourne, aren’t you.

    • Connie Cao

      haha it all started when i bought my raincoat..

  • Lydia Teo

    Yellow looks so good on you, this colour just cheers me right up!

    • Connie Cao

      so happy to hear! X

  • Rebecca

    really lovely look, yellow looks fantastic on you!


    • Connie Cao

      thank you rebecca X

  • Kristie Webster

    Love the clutch!

    • Connie Cao

      thank you! It’s been pretty handy lately. love how the smaller purse can unbutton from the larger one:-)

  • Catherine Liem

    the colour palette in all of your outfit posts just brightens my day lovely !
    love how yellow looks on you xx

    • Connie Cao

      woop woop! X

  • Helena Chen

    I love that clutch! Been eyeing it up on Asos.. Goes great with your outfit here :)

    • Connie Cao

      i believe it is on sale now as well!

  • Adeline Yang

    love the freshness from head to toe! <3

    • Connie Cao

      thank you!