Wearing: Handmade flower crown headband, Versace lime green blazer from Voi Sydney, Shakuhachi croc crop top, Shakuhachi holographic flare skirt, Louis Vuitton LV Alma BB, personalised My Name Necklace, Marc Jacobs bird bangle, Fossil watch bangle and Faith Chanell white pointed heels.

{Photos: Tom}

 Finally concluding my FW outfit posts with my day 5 look. I remember recalling that I felt that this outfit was a little out of my comfort zone of what I usually wear. The Shakuhachi team had sent me a few pieces for MBFWA from their not yet released Winter collection to play with. I remember the sun was finally out on the Friday (after a couple of days of rain) so I wanted to take the chance to wear this holographic skirt. Not sure if you can tell from the photos but it glitters profusely whenever the smallest ray of light shines on it. I also really loved this croc textured crop top and wanted to put the two together and then I realised how monotone it looked. Nothing against it but I always feel a little strange in shades of white/black but for some reason I really felt like giving it a go. Of course I had to put on this lime green blazer.. however I for once, fell in love with cream/grey combination and I think it was because it wasn’t just cream or grey, it was detailed and unique in its own way – the skirt reminded me of the reflective scales of The Rainbow Fish and the faux croc top literally gave the top an extra dimension. These things made me feel it was all OK and it ended up being one of my favourite outfits of the week!

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  • rhodawong

    in love with all your pieces in this look!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you always rhoda X

  • Helena Chen

    That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! Always love your flower crowns too :)


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you helena! i know i have never seen a holographic skirt before

  • miyaka

    Only you would think to pair croc with holographic with kick of lime green – I’M IN LOVE! Never have I seen anything like this combo * O *


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thanks! lime green is another colour that i am very much into this year :-)

  • Yuliya Modeuse

    Cette jupe est superbe!

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao



    Just gorgeous xx

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you X

  • http://www.facebook.com/andithenewthing Andini Ria

    That skirt is gorgeous, reminds me of a mermaid! <3


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      haha oh it does too!

  • Diva In me

    Yes I can see the glitter from the skirt! =D It’s really nice and you definitely know how to style it so well with the cropped top. Adding the dash of lime green and red LV Alma is definitely perfect. I actually like your shoes too! This outfit definitely should be the favourite of the week =)

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you ! hip hip hooray :)

  • her persona

    the top and lime coat are amazing!


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      can’t wait until it gets warmer in winter so i can invest in an entire wardrobe of similar structured crop tops!

  • suvi

    hi(: i really love your blog and your colorful and such a cute style! also love the flower headbands u make. just have to tell you that your name means rabbit in finnish:D hahah

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      hello ! that is very appropriate, i love rabbits! :-)

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    Oh that skirt is just amazing!!

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you natalieXX

  • http://twitter.com/moiraparton ▲▼▲

    Loving those shoes. But the textures on that skirt and top are amazing! Cool blazer too! x


    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you ! X

  • http://www.visceralmaze.blogspot.com/ Anu

    loove the bag

    • http://twitter.com/kisforkani Connie Cao

      thank you Anu! X

  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    I really like the texture and colour of the top and bottom together, amazing. Of course the outfit would not be complete with your touch of colour on it with the blazer and bag! (:


  • Sherry Chan

    the skirt is really special! and the lime green blazer really stands out!


  • Aeroplaneandapparel

    Hey great post I hope we get to follow each other.


  • ☆pallavi☆

    I love this skirt and top so much TT_TT