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manning cartell ss’14

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Presenting in a transformed shed in a location outside the main building of Carriageworks, the SS collection from Manning Cartell featured an exciting collection of new fabrics and prints. Above are a snapshot of a few of my favourite looks. In particular, I loved the boxy overcoats with the zip down front shown in peach and off white. If only these pieces came in store for Winter, I can see it working so beautifully with the gloomy weather. You’d be a walking reflector! The cropped tops adorned with jewel fronts were also so beautiful in real life. I also loved the use of sheer mesh for sleeving (if that’s a word at all?) and the sandal heels. Sometimes I’m so drawn into looking at the garments that I forget to notice the shoes. Seeing the SS collection at MBFWA makes me wish I could just skip Winter all together and jump straight into a never-ending loop of Spring then Summer. But don’t we all want that!

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  • rhodawong

    just love this collection!

    • Connie Cao

      as do i! it’s teasing us that it won’t hit the stores until later this year.

  • kirbybee

    I completely agree, that white/peach coat is so ridiculously good, not sure I could pick a favourite from the two. Loved this collection!

    I’m weirdly looking forward to winter, scarves and boots and thick chunky knits, heaven!


    • Connie Cao

      why pick favourites – just love them all! X

  • Lydia Teo

    I really love the white cropped jacket with the shorts/pants outfit! The structure is brilliant!

    • Connie Cao

      as do i :-)

  • Sarah / Silverist

    Amazing photos! I really really love your blog and instagram (I love seeing your flower headbands in my feed haha). Keep on going, I adore it here! xo

    • Connie Cao

      thank you sarah! so happy to hear :)

  • Fashion Envy

    Stunning pictures. Too many favourites to choose from!

    • Connie Cao

      i agree :-)

  • Francesca

    lovely :-)

    but all this talk of hatred of winter. you should try living in the UK. I would kill for an Aussie winter. :-(


    • Connie Cao

      i have been in the UK for Winter! – though I have not been there for the snowy days. I was in London and thought it was alright – When I was up, the air was still with no wind, so although it was a lower temp, I didn’t feel like it was cold at all. In Melbs it’s like a constant hurricane, I hate it haha

      • Connie Cao

        but it does get rather dark early in London

  • Stylekeepers

    Loving the neutral tones and coral lips!!

    • Connie Cao