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Romance was Born S’14

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Romance was Born’s ‘Mushroom Magic’ Summer 2014 show was quite like a psychadelic daydream. I was so excited to see the show that whilst waiting in line, I bumped into someone complimenting me on the Romance dress I was wearing on the night. Excitedly, I exclaimed ‘oh thanks, it’s Romance!’ – to which she replied: ‘I know, I’m Luke’s mum!’ She proceeded to take a photo of me in the dress to show Luke – one of the Romance designers. I was in high spirits! The show started an hour late however from just sitting there, I knew it was going to be well worth the wait. The set installation (by Pip and Pop) was a cosmic delight – there were little candy like details growing out from large round mounds which looked like enchanted toadstools. The entire set glowed in the dark and the hanging disco balls constantly reflected the interchanging neon colours from the ceiling lights. It was quite a theatrical display – as you could imagine. The show itself took us down the rabbit hole of all things mystical, fairytale and candy land like. Think excess frills, mushroom printed dresses, crazy silhouettes .. in so many colours it was like as if a rainbow was on steroids. The hair & make-up was also out of the world with pastel coloured wigs, stick on lips and glitter being blown onto the models’ faces. Such a breathtaking, movie-like show and such an amazing show to finish off MBFWA day 1.

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  • rhodawong

    love this collection! so fun and bright!

  • Nicole Klassmann

    I was watching the livecast and I saw you in the audience! I got all excited, haha. Loved how fun and daresay different (in a good way) this collection was – kind of bummed that they didn’t stream the audio, too. Would have been great to get the whole experience!

  • Tanya Ruan

    This is beautiful. Wow! Romance Was Born never fails to amaze. x

  • Carolyn

    so awesome you got to go! those prints are insanely amazing.

  • Ando

    The models look like a young girls pretty dolls!