Wearing: ASOS mono pattern coat, Shakuhachi ‘New Romantics’ dress, Louis Vuitton LV Alma BB bag and RMK ‘Idelia’ heels 

{Photos: Tom}

To me, it seems as if coats always come in the same old block colours: red coats, bottle green coats, black coats, camel coats, navy coats. I’ve always been on the hunt for interesting coats in more exciting colours, prints and textures. For example, right now I am looking for a bright yellow coat, a baby blue coat, geometric printed coats and a duo/tri-tone fur textured coat. It seems so hard to find these sorts of coats without breaking the bank. So needless to say that when I saw this coat on ASOS I happily (and impulsively) snapped it up. Finally, a coat in a print. Now to look for that yellow coat and tri-toned fur coat as well..

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  • Such a cute outfit. I really love that coat! And the new no bangs look is great.


    • thank you :-) it feels so strange sometimes feeling the breeze on my forehead!

  • Laura C.

    Nice outfit!

  • Nuris Ely Sefyo

    Nice coat with those red tone


    • i couldn’t help but add a pop of colour !

  • michèle

    Bonjour depuis la France

    Jolie lumière, joli manteau, jolies chaussures.

    A bientôt

  • love your outfit, Kani! your coat is so damn beautiful :)

    Drawing Dreaming

    • thank you ester! i was so excited to see it on asos, there was a point in time where my size went out of stock and a pang of regret hit me – it came back in stock again and i snapped it up right away.

  • rhodawong

    the pattern on the coat is super chic and new!


    • it’s my first printed coat as well! so eager to own every single print coat I see from now on.

  • Tsui

    Pretty style! Going to follow you on IG because I love your blog so much haha

    Instagram: tsuichung

    Fashion Ganache


    • thank you tsui, welcome to my instagram acc :-)

  • Fifi Yau

    love everything in this look!
    especially the coat and shoes <3

    Diary of a Dreamer

  • love your outfit and the red accents are definitely awesome!
    i also bought a yellow coat last year but i think it’s too warm for it now ;(

    • oh, where did you find this wonderful piece of yellow from? i would most definitely like to own one.

  • Dom

    Gorgeous! Love the bright and bold pops of red. You look so put together and pretty! Lovely photographs, as well.

    • thank you dom! i think tom will be excited to hear that :-) he only recently started helping me with my photos !

  • so lovely! love the earing!


    • thank you gaby, it was a kind present from a friend on my birthday :’-)

  • Huyen

    in love with that coat, love the bold pattern!



    • please world, throw more patterned coats at me for me to buy!

  • Natali Trangi

    wow! i really like your coat!

  • kirbybee

    Loving the classic colour combo and the extra radness that ASOS gem adds to the look. Gotta love an impulse purchase that works! Geometric print coats are so great, and such an easy way to add a little interest to a look.


    • i’ve already got my mind set on acquiring many more. completely into it!

  • Oh Connie, looking for yellow again!
    I guess they’re going to look great these season.
    Growing out your fringe seems to be going well!


    • the fringe catastrophe looks better than it really is. every gush of wind sends the bobby pins flying!

  • you’re so prettyyyy!!! omg omg omg i’m very surprised to see your new hairdo because it looks so cute. you’re like smart japanese college girl, moreover in this getup. i really love the dress on you and i’m glad you wear it again. the coat and shoes are perfect, and with pops of red, you’re dazzling. so much loveeee <333

    • thank you for your sweet message! hoping for the best with this non-fringe embarkment!

  • I really really love that coat! And those red pumps. You look super good with the new hair!


    • oh thank you lydia! it feels like my readers have gotten used to my hair faster than me!

  • Dania Whyte

    Thisjacket is so chic


    • thank you :-) it is 20% off on asos now!

  • Nina Cruz

    Lovely post!!
    I follow you!!


    • Thank you Nina – happy you like it X

  • This is one of the LV bags I actually like! Looks so cute on you! xx

    • Thank you Lydia! It was a surprise gift from my boyfriend for my 21st :-)

  • Siarra

    Oh my goodness, I’ve never even commented here before but can I just say that you bear a striking resemblance to Keira Knightley here? The angular jaw and face structure, the petite figure AND your new hairstyle make you two uncannily similar!

    • This is the first doppleganger comment I’ve received since my new hair – so no, I have not heard that before!

  • Adeline Yang

    i seriously love your coat & dress! they’re perfect for each other. and your previous post was absolutely darling <3 ;)

    • thank you adeline :’-) it was by chance i put these two patterns together after seeing them hang next to each other in my wardrobe!

  • Maxine

    i’ve been following your blog for quite some time now, so seeing your new hair, I just had to comment! I love the new hair Kani! You look beautiful!

    • thank you maxine! i’ve said it so many times but i still feel very odd without a fringe. only time will help settle the feeling, but i am embracing the change :-)

  • Hannah

    Love the outfit, you look so different without a fringe, it really suits you!


    • thank you hannah for the encouragement to continually persevering to grow it out. i always have the urge to go back to old times everytime i see someone with bangs!

  • Diva In Me

    I’m sure parting with bangs can be a little hard at first and even seeing you with a different hair style take me some time to get use to it. It gives you a very different look actually. You look more settled and sophisticated. I like this red heels. It’s gorgeous and definitely matches your Alma Bag =) We definitely seldom bump into printed coat but it is definitely more popular these days. You look good in it =)