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Wearing: Elm chief knit poncho, vintage shirt, Cameo the Label limited edition print tee, Samantha Wills necklace, ASOS belt, ASOS tweed shorts, RMK red heels, ASOS clutch & Corky earrings.Β 

{Photos: Tom}

Yep. I broke up with my bangs. I’ve had straight bangs for almost two years now and felt like a change. I felt like I missed my eyebrows just a little. Every time I was due for a haircut I’d think about growing it out instead but I never had the guts (or just patience) to do it. However I After FW, I decided it was time to just give it a go. No one will see me going through that awkward phase of attempting to grow my hair from 5cm long to 50cm long since I’m back to my studious student self.. except for everyone who reads this blog. So uh, please ignore and maybe six months down the track I can start doing more exciting things to these strands of hair instead of attacking it with a handful of bobbies. To be honest I have no idea what exciting things I can do with my hair once I don’t have any bangs at all because the last time my hair was all the same length .. I was about 13. So good luck to me, may the future hold many new and unexpected hairstyles. Suggestions are always welcome to make the process less boring/painful :-)

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  • Bec Lim

    i ABSOLUTLY loveeeee this outfit!! and the new hair do!
    love you kani! x ps, how did you get the poncho, i checked out their fb page and couldn’t find a link </3

    • Hi Bec Thank you so much! You can call 03 5228 3240 to find your local stockist. I don’t believe they have an online store yet :-)

  • rhodawong

    i love all the prints and layers!


  • connie’s eyebrows makes its debut back on her blog hahaha

  • MiliR

    I didn’t recognize you in my reader without the bangs at first! But they look good so far :) Growing out bangs is soo annoyingly painful, at least your hair is straight though. Perfect layering with different textures and patterns :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

    • i am so not used to not having bangs either, hoping it will not take as long as it looks like it will take (very long). thank you Xx

  • You look equally lovely without a fringe! Adore all the layering and prints going on in this outfit!


    • thank you andini. melbourne always calls for layers and more layers :-)

  • Ivana

    Your flower crowns can always add something cute while you’re growing them out ;-) I’m curious though – what do you wear to uni??

  • Personally, I prefer you without bangs. You look “fresher”, if you know what I mean. For me it’s been the opposite, I broke up with my bangs when I was six, so I’ve been wanting to get back on the bangs bandwagon but too scared of the commitment.

    • probably the reason why i have had bangs for the past six years and more! so hard to grow them out xx

  • For a moment there I seriously didn’t recognise you! Except for the shoes, you look like a really stylish college girl. Who am I kidding? You ARE a stylish college girl. So fresh to see your new look~

    • thank you ! excited to see what my non-shielded forehead will bring me…:-)

  • Wow you look so much prettier without the bangs! It’s a great look, Connie. You should keep it. I’m really loving your outfit as well! :) x


    • thank you jeline! definitely growing them out, going to be a long process however :-)

  • Solaire

    You look so different!
    But I really like it : D


  • It took me a second to recognise you in the little picture bloglovin shows of the post, but I love the look!

    • a bit different compared to previous :-)

  • kirbybee

    Digging the contrasts here, black & navy, red & pink and some dots & gridwork, all mixed up but I’m loving it!

    And good luck with the grow out!


  • I love your new hairstyle, well done c:
    I think it’s refreshing!
    Nice purse as well! xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

    • thanks! :-) it’s one of my favourites lately, so handy to carry the essentials in only

  • Oh man I was trying to figure out what it was that looked different and then I realized your bangs are all tucked back! Good luck with the growing out process. I did it about three years ago. I’ve been wanting to get bangs again but just can’t decide if I want to deal with growing them out when I’m done with them.


    • congratulations on making it through! if only you could direct hair to grow at whatever speed you wanted..

  • miyaka

    Oh wow! What a change! At first, I didn’t recognize you! But you look great with your hair pulled back too =)
    Have fun growing out your bangs~ lol


  • you look so different – different, but lovely! i hate growing my hair when it’s in an odd in-between stage of long and short, haha:-) x

    • i will be in that odd stage for the next few months :-)

  • I’m trying to grow out my bangs as well. I’ve had bangs since I was in middle school.

  • Kat

    I love this side of you!
    And I broke up with my bangs too — about 3 months ago, but I totally still remember the pinning back days!

  • Anu

    layering is gorgeous. it is bit different from your normal ones. but loooove it.

  • Sam

    You look so pretty with your hair pulled back! And I love that knit poncho! <3

    • thank you sam :-) the poncho has been a great friend for those lazy days at uni

  • I love how your outfits are always so interesting. They are very inspiring : )


  • Try making a french braid that goes into the ponytail as well, and add bobby pins sort of hidden inside the braid to make sure the strands don’t fall out :) (sort of like this: http://www3.pictures.zimbio.com/mp/1DKICTtHtlsl.jpg ) I’ve gone trough that phase as well, so I know how annoying it can be.

    • oh i like the look of that, really excited to give it a go. thanks for sharing X

  • Huyen

    wow, so weird seeing you without bangs but that look suits you so well! love the top you’re wearing!



    • thank you huyen, i love how a simple check print can brighten one’s day. I’m wearing it now :-)

  • You look so different! Very cute. Best of luck growing them out. I had bangs briefly in college, but they were thin and whispy, so it wasn’t so much of a pain to grow them out.

    • i feel like my bangs take up half of my head real estate!

  • very excited! especially excited to not have to see my hairdresser so often.

  • you look so adorable with your hair up.


  • novarinna

    Adore your outfit. You look so pretty <3

    Chic Swank

  • ponytail kaniiii <333 loveloveloveee!! and omg that's a perfect poncho :ooo imma hunt down for similar one soon. you look so lovely <333 and the blonde strands finally seen again hihi

  • serena14

    love how you styled the prints and different fabrics!

  • Rachel

    Hi Kani, the actual number is 03 5222 8881:-)