parisian memories


{Photos: Tom & I}

Sitting in the middle of a patents validity trial paper today got me daydreaming about Europe and how I just wish I could teleport myself from my study desk to experience Summer in Paris. It’s been almost five months since Tom & I visited and perhaps five months too late to post these photos. However, photos of Paris cannot go unshared and flipping through these on my laptop makes me think about how beautiful the city really was. I think when I first wrote about Paris on my blog, I was actually in Paris and writhing from so much pain – having caught a bout of food poisoning and spending the majority of our week there attempting to recover whilst watching the rain fall 24 hours a day from our apartment window. It was not a comforting scene to accompany my uncomfortable, sick self. Coupled with the fact that no one understood our attempts to speak broken French or English – though I did happen to have a meaningful conversation in mandarin with the Celine eyewear shop assistant at Galeries Lafayette, I was not in a good mood! I think I wrote about how overrated Paris was back then.


But now, I kind of miss the place. I miss the architecture and how it sort of reminds me of a romanticised London. I miss the quirky Parisian ways – I have never seen anyone park their car so close to another and I can confirm that when people drive their cars out of their spots contact with cars on both sides is guaranteed. Not something that I’d be very pleased about if I were in Australia (given this pretty much happened to me a few days ago when someone drove into the back of my car) but apparently it is normal in Paris as evidenced in the photo above. I would also be lying if I said I didn’t miss the food there – sure I got sick of baguettes after the third day however the variety of pastries, cakes, breads and cheese and chocolate stuffed buns in each local boulangerie (or bakery) meant that you could visit the same shop for a couple of weeks and still not have had the chance to try it all. In Paris, open air flower stalls were everywhere and bottled water (and alcohol) was sold at the cheapest prices I had ever seen. 0.20 euro for 1.4 litres of water! And it gets even better when you start noticing that Parisians like to face the street when they sit outside bistros. When I met with Typhaine on my last day there, she revealed that it was because Parisians love to watch the street and people as they eat.


For me, it’s the little things like this that made Paris a place to miss. Tom & I barely visited many tourist attractions properly as we were feeling too sick to travel far, so the experiences we had walking down the streets of central Paris near our apartment are what form the majority of my Parisian memories and are the things that I miss most. I hope you enjoy these photos from our time there!
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  • skinny.chili

    All those pastries & macarons look delicious! Would love to visit Paris one day <3

    • they taste just as good as they look, indeed :-)

  • Meelena L

    beautiful pictures!!


  • Maylis

    Such beautiful pictures! It reminds me so much of when i lived there, souvenirs, souvenirs…
    xx Maylis

    • it’s such a beautiful city, i would love to return :-)

  • Ashley

    The city of Paris itself is undoubtedly beautiful however the same cannot be said about its people.

    P.S. Where did you stay when you were in Paris?

    • time to perfect the french language to blend in. there were some very lovely people there after we got over the fact that our local metro station staffer just refused to help us with our faulty ticket (we ended up going to another station every day, luckily they have stations every 100 metres!) we stayed in montmartre

  • rhodawong

    i love the buildings and rows of treats!

  • Andini Ria

    Such beautiful photos, love how the buildings look over there!

    • they have their own sort of parisian feel about them, i miss the place !

  • kitsune-kun

    love these photos! what a lovely time!

  • Louise (0023am)

    Such a shame you didn’t feel well in Paris, but your pictures do look really (!) wonderful. All the sneaky Ladurée pictures are wonderful too, they used to be really strict about their no-photo-policy. I’m glad you did share your photos, after 5 months. I yearn to go back now.


    • Oh the Laduree experience was a funny one. I actually was snapping away openly and noticed two of the shop assistants say something at each other, look at me, then smile. I was so confused given I only speak as much French a high school can teach you in two years so dismissed it as being that they liked my strange polar bear beanie. But yes, after posting these photos on Instagram earlier this year and hearing people tell me how lucky I was to take photos in there.. I realise now that they were really plotting on telling me that I cannot take those shots!

  • Ice Pandora

    Beautiful you, beautiful food, beautiful Paris c: xx

  • Hannah

    Paris is one of my favourite cities I could wander around for ages. These are such beautiful photos.


    • I would love to go back as there were so many places we did not have the chance to visit. Our Eiffel Tower experience was pretty sub-standard (more on that later) as well so I would love to go back there again :-)

  • lyndesloovere
  • Connie! I love these pictures! The food looks amazing, and the scenery is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :D

    • Thank you Denysia, a couple more posts to come !

  • Absolutely stunning. The photos got me all antsy now. I hope you can return to Paris someday!

    • Fingers crossed too, would love to visit when it’s warmer and sunnier !

  • Meg Casson

    such vibrant, beautiful pictures.

    this post is fantastic.

  • Fashion Envy

    Wow your pictures are AMAZING!

  • Sherry

    I wanna go to Paris so badly!
    btw nice photos. :)

  • Susan Stumm

    Ohhh lovely pictures!

    Susan (from Brazil and from

  • novarinna

    Amazing photos.. You look so cute and pretty..

    Chic Swank

  • Paris sounds like such a romantic city, I hope I can go there someday. The food itself is sufficient to make me stay there for weeks!!

  • mélanie

    Hello there !!

    It would be amazing if you could tell me where you took the picture of the pink basketball court ! I’m a young french photographer, and I would love to take pictures over there ! :) Thank you, and by the way, your blog is really cool.

  • Sunflower1720

    Hey, i love your picture !! Which cameras are u using ?