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splash1s splashsplash2s splashsplash3s splashsplash4s splashsplash5s splashsplash6s splashsplash7s splashsplash8s splashsplash9s splashWearing: Banjo & Matilda blueberry sloppy jojo, Jolie & Deen pants, Jolie & Deen elephant necklace/triangle necklace/arrow ring, Mode Collective boots & ASOS clutch {Photos: Tom}

I’ve been so excited about moving for the past few weeks that all I’ve been doing is browsing through every single section of the IKEA website, when I really don’t need anything. So this is what I wore yesterday when my overexcitement led to us visiting IKEA in person and wandering through the enter-and-never-be-able-to-escape IKEA store.

Even though it’s still going to be a couple more months, I’ve already started packing some of my possessions into boxes and thinking about how to arrange my room and studio. One of the things I am most excited about is adopting a vegetable garden at our new place. I’ve always wanted to grow my own produce and pick my lettuce leaves fresh from the garden whenever I am making a salad so I really can’t wait . A few days ago I picked up an interesting book from Tom’s bookshelf – Choosing Eden by Adrienne Langman. It’s about self sustainable farming and looks like an interesting and inspiring read. I can’t wait to finish it and get even more excited! I’ve already made a list of different things I want to grow: tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, rocket, potatoes, basil and spinach. If things go to plan and nothing dies on me.. perhaps I’ll venture into the world of fruit and try to grow some strawberries too!

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  • Sasha

    I love the colours in your outfit


    • kisforkani

      thank you sasha :-)

  • rhodawong
    • kisforkani

      thank you ! x

  • http://extralargeaslife.com/ Natalie Mulford

    I don’t know which I love more, the pants or the boots!

    • kisforkani

      both seem to be on high rotation in my wardrobe at the moment, i can’t decide either :-)

  • Melissa

    Those pants are so freaking cool! I feel like this is totally different for you, but I love it. x


    • kisforkani

      i felt a little awkward in pants at first as well, i hardly own any or wear them but these are a fun pair :-)

  • http://www.rosa-dyn.com/ Rosa Nguyen

    I’m so keen to finally visit the IKEA in Sydney.
    I don’t know why I haven’t had a stroll through it yet, but I love your Jolie & Deen pants! Love that whole “splash” of colour. heehee


    • kisforkani

      ikea is always good fun, i’m a huge fan of pretty interiors so it’s always great to go in for some interior decorating inspiration as well!

  • Rebecca

    that iphone case is so cute, and I love those pants!

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

    • kisforkani

      a fun buy from ebay ! x

  • Sofi

    So beautiful!

    xoxoox Sofi


    • kisforkani

      thank you sofi X

  • lyndesloovere
    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • Mariana

    Nice shoes :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • Andini Ria

    Such a colourful outfit, those pants are stunning! x


    • kisforkani

      they’re so much fun for gloomy weather X

  • http://www.darkbluestripes.com/ Dark Blue Stripes

    That cashmere sweater looks super comfortable. Love the colour.

    Christie x

    • kisforkani

      it’s so comfortable and so warm indeed!

  • http://thatlaitgirl.com/ Denysia Yu

    I love the metal detailing on the sweater! And good luck on the garden! :)

    • kisforkani

      i cannot explain how excited i am to grow vegetables!

  • Maylis

    Such a lovely outfit, and it suits you so well! xx Maylis


    • kisforkani

      thank you maylis :-)

  • bernadetteczle

    love your boots, so pretty <3

    • kisforkani

      such a fun colour to wear ! x

  • Kesly

    Stunning look, Kani! I love the colors of your outfit <3 So vibrant, fun and super playful!

    Check out my new look "Double Houndstooth"!

    • kisforkani

      thank you !

  • Fifi Yau

    awesome pants!
    love the colors so much <3

    Diary of a Dreamer

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • http://Www.13covetstreet.com/ Dania Whyte

    Blue is your colour, always looks great on you

    Style n love, jamaica

    • kisforkani

      i have acquired so much blue this season, love it !

  • Gozika

    Girl, I love your style! Such amazing prints ;)!

    xoxo Gozika


  • Eva Marie Close

    It never ceases to surprise me how much your dreamings sound like mine! I am moving in two months, and everything is already neatly packed into boxes and labelled (which I’ve already started regretting, where is that woolly knit…) And I was rather hysterical at the thought we wouldn’t have a garden for a veggie patch… but I think a balcony-patch is do-able, no? I would love to see photographs of your new place when you do move!! Also those pants… they are like Ken-Done heaven. It’s Aus-stra-ya in a beautiful pair of pants!
    x eva


  • http://www.michelleesque.com/ Michelle Huynh

    Oh now that is an amazing idea! A vegetable garden will definitely save you money!

  • Elle

    Love the color of the ankle boots! :)

    xx Elle


  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    So excited for your move as well, can’t wait to see your blog post about that! (:


  • Ajay Sujarwo