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Wearing: Deer onesie (my sister’s), ASOS stripe top, Bonds Collectibles boyleg hipsters, Beauty is Life ‘Boudoir’ eyeshadow & Christian Dior ‘Diablotine’ lip gloss {Photos: Rowena}

As an Aussie girl, I grew up with the Bonds label. When it comes to my underwear drawer, there’s a fair chunk of it filled with bright, youthful and fun pieces ever so distinctive to the label. They’re extremely comfortable, perfect for every day wear, especially when lounging around at home in a onesie.

This month, Bonds has launched a new range of ‘Collectibles’, featuring the beautiful Isabelle Cornish jump roping through the meadows of their TV campaign. To celebrate the launch of their new pastel happy, candy coloured and of course your regular black and white undies now with feminine lace trims, Bonds is hosting ‘Bright Night’ – an exclusive and intimate evening of luxury in Sydney featuring a live performance from The Rubens. I’m excited and very thankful to have been invited by the team to attend this one-off event as tickets are really limited. Tickets can only be won through the Bonds Facebook Page where five lucky souls will each get to bring 9 friends with them to attend. I’d love to meet some of you lovely readers there. So if you’d like, head on over to find out more and maybe we’ll bump heads next month :-)

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  • Rosalinda

    So cute! Love the jacket ;) x


    • kisforkani

      The best onesies are animal onesies! :-)

  • Chloe Davis

    I’m like you, my draw is already full of bonds, they are so comfy. In love with that onesie!

    Wardrobe Quarry

    • kisforkani

      They are the perfect every day choice of underwear for us Aussies :-)

  • You look amazing! Love the deer onesie, so cute <3

    • kisforkani

      Thank you! I should find out where my sister got it from. Wouldn’t mind one myself.

  • Helena Chen

    Oh my gosh, that onesie is probably the cutest one i’ve seen to date..!
    Bonds is pretty big here in NZ too, they’re so so comfy :) (i wish the comp was for NZ residents too!)


    • kisforkani

      Oh no! It’s a shame it’s for Australia only, so good to hear NZ on board with the Bonds love too :-)

  • Katia

    cute and comfy, you look adorable!


    • kisforkani

      thanks katia :)

  • Annelise

    That is such a tremendously cutesy deer onesie!! And ohmygosh I think I’m going to be in Sydney around the same time!

    • kisforkani

      you must enter then ! :-)

  • Andrea Lourdes Hinostroza Bend

    Oh!! amazing!!


  • Francesca

    This is amazing! you look so cute!! :-)


    • kisforkani

      thanks francesca :)

  • Mariana

    Ow, so cute! <3

    • kisforkani

      thanks! :-)

  • kisforkani

    thanks !

  • So cute! :)