feeling fruity


 Wearing: Bardot knit beanie, Primark fox print scarf, Elm knitwear jumper, Louis Vuitton Alma BB in fuchsia, Milk from a Thistle fruit print harem pants, RMK pointed red heels, Shashi Dillon ring & assorted handmade rings. 

In Melbourne, it’s morning. 8:30AM in fact as I start to write this post. For probably the first time ever, I’m blogging from a public space – at a university library. Now normally I never ever blog in public because it just feels weird to be going through a website of photos of yourself. However as it’s week 1 of uni today, nobody has any reason to come to uni at 8AM in the morning to study, so no one has. Except me, but I’m not here to study. So as I suspiciously hunch over my laptop, I’m going to try and bring you a new post before people start streaming in – which I think will be a while so hopefully this works out!

I’ve been wanting to share with you a new brand I’ve discovered – Milk from a Thistle, a Sydney based label with the most beautiful, clean cut, quirky print collections. I love that they are also Australia based and Australia made. I was so excited to see the Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook filled with digital woodland prints, fruit prints and mahogany leather that I knew I wanted to feature something from their collection straight away. These fruit printed harem pants were a favourite of mine – they remind me of a pair of baggy vintage floral pants that I once altered into harem style pants. I really love the look of a pair of printed harems and I just know that I’ll be really embracing them this S/S. And I’ve got a soft spot for fruit too – I seem to have a thing for anything nature related or inspired – even using pears in my headpieces. So these pants? I really can’t fault. I’m in love.

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  • Love all the bold color. Great look.

    • kisforkani

      oh thanks Ria :-)

  • Nissa

    red suits you to a T! :)

    • kisforkani

      One of my favourite clothing colours! you can just put it on and call it a day.

  • Dean Corno

    These pants are amazing. I love how you paired them with all red. I’m not really surprised though since you’re always amazing at wearing super colourful outfits!


    • kisforkani

      thank you! happy you love it :-)

  • Wow I LOVE the pants. Well, I love any pants that aren’t jeans but the print on these pants makes it extra special. I bought a similar pair from zara. Maybe I’ll work them soon

    • kisforkani

      you should! zara are doing some fabulous printed pants at the moment.

  • rhodawong

    always love your bright pops of color!


    • kisforkani

      thank you !

  • Is it strange that those pants remind me of a fruit salad? Anyway, they look amazing (and delicious)! :)

    • kisforkani

      i almost called this post fruit salad!

  • Helena Chen

    Red suits you so well! You can really rock that lippy like no other :) Despite the woolly pieces and the scarf, this outfit is getting me excited for spring!


    • kisforkani

      i cannot wait for spring as well. being in melbourne i always feel like we get the worst of winter. but then i’m sure tasmania must have it bad as well.

      • Helena Chen

        What about us poor souls in New Zealand..! haha. It’s definitely on it’s way though :)

  • Sherry

    love the pants! you look adorable in red! :)


    • kisforkani

      thank you !

  • Wow, when I was at uni, I never ever got there at 8am, I was more of the ‘getting up at 11am and realising I missed my morning lecture’ type of student. But then I overcompensated by studying all day and night, hence the waking up at 11am…


    • kisforkani

      it’s mighty hard! i don’t think i could keep it up

  • ish

    love the look, the trousers are amazing and adore the shoes

    so cute

    xx ish


    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • rebecca clark

    Great colour combination! I love the whole outfit!


    • kisforkani

      thank you rebecca :-)

  • Dinah

    love the red! And I’m completely in love with that beanie, hehe. I have a thing for beanies. :)


    • kisforkani

      they keep your head warm and are a necessity in life !

  • Sasha Avgherinos

    Love your jumper it’s amazing


    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • Pauline Kiwii

    What I really like in this look is all the warm colors. Even when it’s cold, you wear so lovely colorful pieces ! Red really suits you. I will try to inspire of these colors when winter be back in France :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you! i hope you have a very colourful winter :-)

  • Karli

    Gorgeous girl! Love these photos. They are beautiful.

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • Oh the pants are amazing! Love the print and it looks so comfy too :)


    • kisforkani

      so comfy, feels like you’re floating in fabric!

  • aeroplaneandapparel

    Nice photos love the style… wanna follow each other?


    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • This is just the most amazing outfit! Those pants are to die for, and all of the red accessories are just perfect!

    • kisforkani

      thank you !

  • Jessica Taylor

    Love these pants, gorgeous print! This warm colours really suit you!


    • kisforkani

      thank you jessica

  • Shabrina
    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • You look adorable! Love the bag and the shoes!
    Kisses from Germany! Tessa

    • kisforkani

      sending love from australia XX

  • Fifi Yau

    i’m speechless! love this look so much! love the colors, the prints, everything <3 my favorite look so far :))

    Diary of a Dreamer

    • kisforkani

      so happy you like this outfit XX

  • Stylegodis

    The print is fabulous!
    xx stylegodis.com

    • kisforkani

      people should do more fruit prints on pants. i’m all for it!

  • Francesca

    this outfit’s amazing! It’s like summer never left Australia!


    • kisforkani

      oh how i wish that was the truth!

  • Sára Zolnay
    • kisforkani

      thank you :)

  • This outfit is SO perfect, I love your pants!!

    Xo, Hannah


  • caren blane

    You look gorgeous! Love these pants! Totally adorable!


  • Andrea Ryan

    This is an insanely great outfit!!!


  • Lyn

    Hi, I love your outfit in this post. You look so pretty! I was just wondering the alma bb you are carrying in this photo is actually indeed the fuchsia colour. Somehow it looks so red in the photos!