A lot of you seem to be Harry Potter fans and have been asking about a post about the Making of Harry Potter Warner Brothers Studio Tour, so here it is :) Tom & I never planned to go on this tour but we had a free afternoon on the weekend and decided to take a joy trip out of London city to check it out. It looked quite far out on the map, however that’s nothing when you take into account how fast the tube is and how flawless the oyster (London’s Myki) card system is. The entire experience was like as if you had stepped into the Harry Potter world. It was so incredible to walk down Diagon Alley – Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, Ollivanders and Gringotts Wizarding bank dotted the street and it was as if you were actually a part of the wizardry world. You also get the chance to step into Dumbeldore’s office, Professor Umbridges chillingly pink Ministry of Magic office, see the Potions room in action and so much more that you probably end up staying for a few hours like us! When you look at these sets, you can really see just how much time, effort and manpower went into translating a written description in a book into a real life art form covering every single detail from what colour the tiles are, how high the ceilings are, the little knicks and knacks on the shelves.. the set designers definitely had the most amazingly creative and imaginative brains. My favouriteย part of the self-guided walking tour was the last area where we saw the model of Hogwarts used in all the landscape panning shots. Everyone who walked into this room basically let out a huge gasp and then proceeded to stare at it for a good ten minutes.ย Whilst it was not exactly small model – it was much taller than you and I, it was so amazing to see such a large castle be scaled down to such a size with all the details so intricately etched into every surface of the model. When we stood there, it was as if we literally expected miniature owls to fly out from the top floors, someone to switch off a light or a dementor to suddenly fly across the skies. For those HP fans out there, the studio tour is definitely worth a visit :-)

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  • Carina | littlelemon

    Ooh I feel so jealous every time i see a blog post on the harry potter studios! I’m dying to go at some point! I love the look of those goblin prosthetics especially

    • kisforkani

      oh you will love it there! definitely schedule a trip to see it :-)

  • Gen

    Wow that looks so so amazing! + you look beautiful!

    Gen |

  • Marcelle Dule

    Looks so magical *_* We would love to visit there sometime!

    x Court

  • You look so cute :) and this place looks magical. I’ve never read Harry Potter, I really should get to it someday.

  • Dinah

    Wow, this looks incredible. I’d love to visit someday.

  • Indah

    Oh myyy!! Somehow, I miss Harry Potter movies. Thanks a lot for sharing!! :DDD

    xoxo, Indah

  • Oh my goodness this trip looks like such a blast. I definitely want to visit now!!

    Xo, Hannah

  • Meg Casson

    i am so insanely jealous, i love harry potter and this is definitely on my bucket list.

  • Chloe Davis

    Ahh so jealous. Some of my friends went to this as well.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  • Oh my.

  • Oh my god….I want to visit this the Harry Potter studios so badly! Just to pretend I’m living in the Harry Potter world for a good few hours. Its so amazing to see what you read on pages come to life!

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    oh my goodness, how fun!

    kw Ladies in Navy

  • Aah, I want to go! <3

  • kitsunekun

    oh my WORD I want to visit so bad!! looks amazingly magical! I love harry potter so hard:)

    • kisforkani

      You definitely need to visit this place then X

  • Peach

    love this post, and your blog itself!!<3 xx Peach

    • kisforkani

      thank you!

  • Loga Eline

    Gooosh I was hesitating on going to London to visit the Harry Potter studios (I’m from Paris, lucky me =D) and thanks to you I know that I HAVE to do it ! Thank you so much !
    Btw, your blog is amazing ! I’ve been following you for so long and you always make me smile ! Keep going you’re great ^^

  • Anaivilo Borsa

    This is absolutely amazing! I muuust go see it, I am psyched about Harry Potter and everything related to it, it;s been such a huge part of my life! Great pictures ;)

  • ollyvia