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 Wearing: Le Specs sunglasses, Alice McCall ‘Methods for Solving’ dressASOS platform sandals, vintage earrings, jewellery from Etsy and Jolie & Deen. {Photos: Rowena}

Starting Monday off with an outfit better suited for cities north of Melbourne. It’s definitely a bit too cold to be wearing this in Melbourne at the moment however I wanted to share a dress which I have been loving and living in when I was invited to Sydney last week to attend the Myer SS14 launch. I completely understand now when people say how “hot” Australia is in Winter and that you never “need” a coat because when people say that, they don’t come from Melbourne (or potentially Hobart, Adelaide & Canberra). I think last week was my first time in Sydney during Winter and I could not believe how warm it was! All I needed at 7:30AM in the morning was a thermal top under this dress, bare legs and no socks, ready for a warm, gust-free 21 degree day. I know where I’m heading when I first get the chance! So this dress has seen better days than the cold Melbourne morning I shot this and I just love the unstructured, flowy shape of it (it’s the same as my orange one in fact!), making it the perfect day dress for travelling comfortably and also versatile enough to add a pair of fancy heels to take it through to evening wear :-)

P.S. What a typical day four seasons one Melbourne day today: Min: 11°C Max: 15°C. Partly cloudy. Scattered showers this morning becoming isolated this afternoon with sunny breaks developing. Possible hail and thunder. Further showers developing tonight. Winds N 30 to 35 km/h turning W 35 to 50 km/h this morning. Some stronger squalls likely.

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  • Gen

    LOVE the platform sandals!

    Gen | raspberry-notes.blogspot.com

    • kisforkani

      Thanks !

  • kirbybee

    A gorgeous floral print like this deserves outings all year round.

    By this time of the season I am wishing for sunshine and no wind, yet by the middle of summer I’ll be dreaming of cold winter afternoons, the kind that make your cheeks flush without even trying.

    • kisforkani

      It’s always how it goes, isn’t it? Right now, we’re obviously both wishing for the sun :)

  • carolynwest94

    That dress! Oh my goodness I’m in love with it! You look perfectly suited to yesterday’s amazing weather in Melbourne! It was so warm!

    • kisforkani

      Thanks :-)

  • Dinah

    That striped background looks brilliant! I also love your glasses. Hahaha I’m in Sydney and to me 21 is still cold. :P

    • kisforkani

      It was by chance that we came across this wall!
      I heard so many people complain about that 16 degree day in Sydney last week, claiming it was the worst day of the year so far. Coming from a city where 16 degrees is about as high it gets for Winter.. I dissent :P

  • That dress is adorable. Love the floral print. Looks great with the stripes background.

    Christie x


    • kisforkani

      Thanks :)

  • Meelena L

    that dress!!


    • kisforkani

      On sale too right now!

  • Tanya

    Such a gorgeous dress! You look like a pretty butterfly. x


    • kisforkani

      Oh it does remind me of a butterfly now, those flappy sleeves!

  • Aurélie Van Houte

    Great look! Love the pictures too! The setting is perfect for this outfit.


    • kisforkani

      Thanks :)

  • Cute outfit! Love the camera too!


    • kisforkani

      Dug it out from boxes packed up for moving just to use it here :-)

  • rhodawong
    • kisforkani

      Thanks :-)

  • I’m in love with this dress. Your shoes suit you but they give me vertigo just looking at them.


    • kisforkani

      Haha they are indeed difficult to walk in at first but once you get used to the fresh air above your normal height all is good :-)

  • Hannah

    Goodness you are the cutest thing! I love your polaroid!

    Xo, Hannah


    • kisforkani

      so happy you like this post X

  • Phoebe Robinson

    You look absolutely adorable! I just love those shoes (I’m such a sucker for wedges) xxx


    • kisforkani

      As am I, much comfier than a stiletto heel !

  • Francesca

    I can’t get over how amazing this outfit is


    • kisforkani

      So happy you like this post!

  • Sherry

    love how u pair your wedges with the dress <3


  • Wow Australian weather sounds totally weird and confusing, haha! But I do love this dress so much! The colours and the butterfly-wing-like pattern on it….so pretty!


  • aww you look so pretty, Kani! I love your batwing cardigan, the print is amazing!

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  • Anaïs

    Wonderful as always !

  • Pamella

    Love the dress! Even though it has a boxy type of silhouette, it’s not wearing you out/eating your thin frame at all. And those sandals…I simply love them! Though I’m not sure if I can wear something as high as those in real life. Haha! And those pictures? They look like a spread in a magazine! You look stunning Connie!

    Pamella (emancipationongoing.blogspot.com)

  • ollyvia


    anyway would you like to follow each other ?

  • Georgia

    Love this dress! You look wonderful!


  • Alisha T

    I have ridiculous amounts of love for this dress- it looks so incredible on you!

    x Alisha

  • indri-tanny.blogspot.com

    superb pretty to the max.. awesomeness .. *speechless

  • This dress is fantastic

    Style n love, jamaica

  • Styljanje