miista shona sandal 2

Miista Shona sandals, ASOS pink clutch, Shakuhachi metallic pink pouch, Benefit Cosmetics Fine One One, Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Fossil rose gold bangle, Kate Spade contintental wallet, L’Oreal lipstick in ‘Pink Guava’, MiuMiu sunglasses & Crabtree and Evelyn pomegranate, argan and grapeseed hand therapy cream. {Photos from my Instagram account}

Hooray for my new sandals, finally in my bedroom after a week of stalking ASOS waiting for my size to come back into stock. When I go online shopping, I always save my favourite pieces in my saved items list, without ever wanting to buy them until it is too late. My reason is that I really don’t have any reason to make the purchase most of the time, however it always happens that the pieces I love most suddenly go out of stock in my size. This semi-denial and sudden moment of realisation that I need-it-now drives a week’s worth of obsessive stalking and refreshing, hoping that someone will relinquish the last pair from their 1hr limit cart or decide to return them, so I can make them mine. Such is how the story normally goes, as well as how I managed to finally nab a pair of the now sold out and dare I say, favourite sandal for this summer. The only colour left on ASOS at the moment is silver – though I personally think it looks more like a holographic blue (and I love anything holographic). I actually wanted to make these mine as well however apparently my obsession with Miista’s new season metallic shades was going a bit over the top..

Melbourne Summer, I’m ready for you!

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  • Dinah

    wah, so beautiful! i have a bookmarks folder full of things i want to buy but don’t have a legitimate reason to. it’s kind of a problem, haha. and usually things disappear before i buy them. sigh.

    • kisforkani

      I guess the bright side is that we don’t buy them!

  • rougeimaginaire

    That’s how it goes for me too :) And I love the sandals, they are absolutely gorgeous.

    • kisforkani

      thanks :-) hehe i am not the only crazy lady who does such things then!

  • The sandals are gorgeous. You and I have similar shopping styles. I also do it in-store sometimes: I go around the shops, think about it, come back the week after, it’s gone, stalk the item online and in-store etc etc. It’s become a hobby.

    • kisforkani

      sometimes i wonder if it’s better off if we just buy them in the first place !

  • Oh wow! All this pink stuff is making me jumpy! I love pink so much. You have such impeccable taste when it comes to pink things but maybe I’m just being biased.

    The Fashann Monster

    • kisforkani

      haha hi5 for similar colour preferences!

  • Kb

    I shop like this too, I never really buy for any occasion in particular. Instead it’s like I’m trying to build the perfect wardrobe with all of my favourite pieces. Love this arrangement!

    • kisforkani

      that’s basically how i shop and is probably also the reason why i have a wardrobe full of statement pieces and no basics. Hmm..

  • Wow! The wallet is so gorgeous!

    • kisforkani

      haha thanks! it took a fair effort to get this wallet to me. i purchased it off the US site and had it forwarded to Australia. So worth it though – love Kate Spade.

  • Sasha Avgherinos

    All this stuff is so cute, I want those shoes

    • kisforkani

      Rose gold is definitely the way to go!

  • Huyen
    • kisforkani

      :’-) thanks

  • Gracie

    Gorgeous. I’ve never liked so many pink things at once!


    • kisforkani

      funnily enough, i love pink in splashes only, i can’t stand full pink on pink generally. but these shoes really wanted me to create a rose shaded flat lay out of them so.. :)

  • Helena Chen

    Haha, thats exactly what i do on ASOS too! Can’t wait to see how you style these shoes :)


    • kisforkani


  • ollyvia


    anyway would you like to follow each other ?

  • Hannah

    So obsessed with all of these items!!

    Xo, Hannah