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Wearing: All PUMA clothing  {available at Rebel Sport} and footwear {Puma Faas 600 S & Faas 350 S exclusive to Footlocker} except – vintage leopard print blouse, Bonds black + grey hoodie, Rusty cat eye sunglasses, Kate Sylvester navy and tan leather cap, Kikki-K canvas bag and vintage scrunchie {Photos: Rowena}

So excited today to finally be able to share a special collaboration I have been working on with PUMA! Their latest campaign, ‘Friendly Foe‘ revolves around the theme of friendly competitiveness and tackling gyms and fitness schedules together with a buddy. You’ve got to admit, getting yourself out the door and to an early morning or late evening fitness class is always easier when you’ve got a friend non-stop guilt-tripping you that it must be done. Concessions will not always be granted for sore toes or a case of I’m-a-tiny-bit-tired. These are true stories between my fellow gym buddy and I – the fact that we’re still going to the gym over a year on from joining early last is very likely attributed to the previously discussed guilt-tripping of each other!

As part of the campaign, I was asked to give their AW women’s fitness range a trial run and share some ideas on how I incorporate fitness wear into my style. I had so much fun styling and shooting these looks – running from block to block trying to create a two-Connie’s-in-one image got many a confused look from onlookers and riding a stationary bike probably doesn’t make much sense either. I’ve never quite been comfortable with the idea of wearing leggings as pants so when it comes to the gym, unbuttoned vintage blouses and oversized hoodies are fabulous options in keeping things in check. Cheeky cat eye spectacles, a sporty cap that once trotted down a MBFWA runway and a couple of really simple gold rings are also great ways to accessorise and personalise your fitness style. Mixing in these sorts of feminine pieces make me feel 100 times more like myself even if I am in some serious workout gear. I hope you guys enjoy this sporty post as much I enjoyed shooting it :-)

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  • I have never seen anyone better in gym gear!

    • kisforkani

      oh you are too kind!

  • I never look this good when I work out! :(

    The Fashann Monster

    • kisforkani

      haha oh this is most definitely more pre-workout than post!

  • Isabella

    I love the photo of the two Connies – it’s reminding me so much of The Parent Trap! The gym gear itself is great, although I don’t think I’d be able to pull off the stripey pants sadly :(

    • kisforkani

      i think for leggings i break my rule and say i’d personally go with black than colour too!

  • I’ve never been to the gym and I don’t exercise, although i do walk a lot and I’m generally quite healthy. But this looks great. It’s funny how work-out clothes automatically make anyone look fit! You obviously ARE fit though…


    • kisforkani

      haha oh i try to be fit !

  • ollyvia laura
    • kisforkani

      Thank you

  • Anu

    loving the sporty look on you. I like how you are branching out your look for this. I want a gym buddy, but I am still avoiding it because I know it is going to make me go lol. I am so bad.

    • kisforkani

      it’s a predicament isn’t it ! i go to classes by myself every now and then as well, once you get used to being lonely it’s fine :-)

  • i’ve never seen anyone look so cute and stylish in workout clothes. way to promote health and fashion together!

    • kisforkani

      haha oh thank you! X

  • Francesca

    you look amazing!!


    • kisforkani

      oh thank you :-)

  • Sharon

    Looking chic even in workout gear :)


    • kisforkani

      haha i try my best

  • I absolutely love the outfits with the leopard jacket and cat eye shades….perfect styling!


    • kisforkani

      thanks! been a big fan of leopard lately. just bought myself a leopard coat yesterday which you shall see soon on this blog :-)

  • Wow so chic and sporty ! Makes me wanna out for jogging now haha :D


    • kisforkani

      about time i went out for a jog as well :P

  • amber charlton

    You look amazing! Love the outfit in purple!


    • kisforkani

      thank you amber X

  • kisforkani

    or potentially just some good angles.. hehe