miss melon


Wearing: Gorman pink melon dress, RMK white heels, Miu Miu sunglasses, Fleur Wood brooch as braceletGorman pink melon top, Gorman yellow melon mini, Gorman pineapple necklace, Zero UV sunglasses, RMK sandals and K is for Kani orchid headband.

I’ve been loving the quirky fruit prints that have been popping up lately at Gorman and thought these cheery pieces would make an excellent coupling with the Brighton beach boxes I’ve been dying to revisit since last Summer. What better way to celebrate your love for tropical Summer fruits than to casually have it printed all over your silk dresses, tops, skirts and even on necklace chains around your neck :-)

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  • http://sartorialust.net/ Jeline Catt

    The beautiful and bright colours in this blog post are such a delight to look at! You outfit looks super cute too and goes will with the background. xxx


  • Meg Casson

    Oh my gosh this is so amazing, I absolutely love the bright colours.


  • http://thefashannmonster.blogspot.com/ The Fashann Monster

    Omg I love this so much! Watermelon always looks so cute & the location fits perfectly. It’s just so summery!

    The Fashann Monster

  • http://ten-sixteen.blogspot.com/ Nicole K

    Such colourful prints! And I need to visit Brighton Beach one day. Almost a year in Melbourne, and I still haven’t been!

    xx Nicole

  • http://moiraparton.blogspot.co.uk/ Moira Parton

    This is so sweet and cute! x


  • Helena Chen

    Ah, this place is definitely on my need-to-visit-before-i-die list! Such a perfect place for these fun outfits :)


  • Ahka Vintage

    Love the bright colours and love the location where you took these! Amazing all around!



  • Sharon

    What a fun print, you look gorgeous and very youthful in those Gorman pieces!


  • http://stylealamy.blogspot.nl/ My Nguyen

    Love these colorful pictures! <3 Can't wait for summer! :) The watermelon print is really cute!

  • http://lilithistle.wordpress.com/ Lili Thistle

    Lovely pictures ! :) I love this place.


  • Sweet Mona Blog
  • Marle

    Cute prints and photos :) Wish I could wear my summer clothes right now..


  • Francesca

    wow that setting is amazing!! and your outfit goes perfectly with it


  • OrigamiGirl

    I love the pink watermelon dress! I really like water melon prints for summer weather. I have a little watermelon necklace that would be perfect with them. Also those beach huts look amazing. People must dedicate so much time to painting them over and over, being on the beach with all the crazy storms that brings. They look just perfect.


  • http://icepandora.blogspot.com/ Ice Pandora

    You look amazing fruity and bubbly :P
    The location it self totally match your
    entire look! Xx

  • http://www.carouselstreet.com/ Joyce

    You look gorgeous! :) I love bright colors..just does something positive to the mood, right?

    Joyce @ carouselstreet.com

  • http://www.rosa-dyn.com/ Rosa Nguyen

    O looks like I’m going to visit Gorman soon. I love watermelon prints, I have one from ASOS. ISn’t it perfect for summer!


  • Yina Shan

    omg what a cutie! the vibrancy of all the colors is amazing!


  • Melissa

    I am so in love with these photos!! How perfect. x


  • rougeimaginaire

    I’m in love with the setting :) Wish we had such beautiful beach boxes in Belgium.

  • Greta Gale

    Gorgeous! Gorman is one of my favourite Australian brands, they always have such lovely prints

    xox greta


  • http://justicepirate.com/ JusticePirate

    There are so many vibrant colors here! I love it! Very pretty photos!

  • Jess and Erin

    Love this! The Gorman summer collection this year was absolutely stunning

    Jess x

  • Andrea Ryan

    Love it! Watermelon is delicious!



    I love ur clothes colors ! U look so stunning there.
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