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Wearing: Baku bikini, Megan Park sarong, Sunday Somewhere sunnies and Vanessa Mooney bead bracelet. Nails: Dior ‘Diablotine’. Photos: Rowena Cao.

So after my last blog post, I may or may not have run straight to Gorman to buy that beach towel.. but the purchase is most definitely justified because how hot has it been lately! In fact it’s almost too hot to be outdoors – for those who don’t live in Melbourne, it’s forecasted to be 40 degrees for the next four days. Thank goodness I’m indoors editing blog photos because I don’t think I’d want to know what it feels like to be outside. Probably much more unbearable than the day I went to fly my sarong as a kite on the beach!

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  • Rose

    So beautiful Connie! xx

  • http://flavors.me/ofyunjae nyan

    you look so so sexy and pretty! and that’s such a festive outfit! love it xx have a great summer, kani!

  • Andrea Ryan

    This post is beautiful. I love how all of your outfits are so colorful!

  • Helena Chen

    Wow, you look amaaazing in these shots! Definitely beach ready in those gorgeous colours ❤


  • Danni Luo

    Arrgh, so gorgeous!!

  • Sweet Mona Blog
  • Lizzie J

    Loving these pics – so pretty! Nice work :)

  • Sherry Chan

    the beach towel is so beautiful! I like how you wrap it up as a dress or something:)


  • http://thefashannmonster.blogspot.com/ The Fashann Monster

    Your blog is pretty much the epitome of colour! We had a similar forecast predicted but luckily the weather decided to rebel & change to a cool 27 degrees! Awesome beach towel though, it looks gigantic!

    The Fashann Monster

  • Juliet

    In love with this beautiful sarong Connie, and I’m really hoping the heat drops off next week :P x

  • cielo

    So sexy! I love your bikini :)


  • Vintage Chic

    I love this.. so much colour!! Perfect Summer look :)


  • http://www.rosa-dyn.com/ Rosa Nguyen

    You have such a great physique. And I always thought it was impossible for Melbourne to have any temperatures that high. But I guess I was wrong. I love how vibrant and summery your prints are. Perfect summer swimwear.


  • http://www.themadingenue.com/ Lily C.

    These photos are so beautiful! Love the vibrant colours and patterns. I’m basically spending the next few days hiding in my bedroom from the Melbourne heat and editing blog photos too :P


  • http://ten-sixteen.blogspot.com/ Nicole K

    Love the photos! And I’m definitely feeling the heat… could barely leave the house!

    xx Nicole

  • Tanya Sc

    Oh my…, where I live it’s 0 degrees so I’m freezing outside, now I want to live there! :D


  • fang ting ashley

    So in love with these beautiful sets of photos!

    Fang Ting


  • Niss

    gorgeous photos. x


  • http://ravenmaidenmaven.blogspot.com/ Lydia Teo

    I can’t even imagine the heat ugh! Stay hydrated! And love these shots, so colourful and pretty :)





  • Lizzie J

    It was worth it for these pics! Xx