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k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-2

k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-2k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-14k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-3k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-12k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-11k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-5k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-7k is for kani rachel castle and things lenovo-10Wearing: Valsa top via Melko, ASOS flippy scuba skirt (similar here), River Island pompom beanie, 8 Other Reasons earrings, Olivia Burton watch + Ukulele beach sun dress. Nails: Dior ‘338 Mirage’. On the bed: Castle and Things pillow cases, yellow flower flat sheet and pegboard quilt cover. Salt lamp: Ishka. Art prints from: Arte Limited Gallery (Antonio SoaresRobert Elmengård & Karina Eibatova). Laptop:  Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga. Laptop case: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar here & here). Daybed cushions: Adairs (zigzag green + floral watercolour), Country Road (zigzag black), H&M (black/white stripes) , Castle and Things (Tutti Frutti), Target (plain green). Travel candles: Atelier Lumira.

Because home is the best place to be on a rainy day, isn’t it? Excuse me for the large caption, a lot of you ask about where all the things around my place are from so I thought I’d write them out for you :-) The mid-sem break last week was a welcome time to not just catch up on all the lectures I had missed whilst in Sydney, but also find the time to frame the rest of my prints and design my polka dot feature wall. I managed to let my wall decal stickers sit still for two months before being motivated enough to get them on my wall. In my head it felt difficult to create the perfect scatter of polka dots but the reality was that it really was quite simple.. I’ve managed to liven up my day bed (aka my old bed) up with a massive haul from Westfield and as well as a fun purchase from the H&M launch party (H&M Melbourne has a home range!) and a bright fluoro Tutti Frutti one from Rachel Castle. The other day I picked up a salt lamp from Ishka – it’s not quite appropriate for bedside reading but it’s bright enough for everything else. And finally, after many hours of consideration, I ended up making a decision on which laptop case to house my Thinkpad Yoga in. Interior wise, things are finally moving forward, just a few more touches here and there before I go onto a much needed revamp of my studio!

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    • kisforkani

      thanks X

  • Your room is just as whimsical as I’d expect. Super bright and cheery.
    Love it.


    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • I LOVE your room! There’s so much light and it’s so colorful. :)

    • kisforkani

      we got lucky with a sunny day ! X

  • Loving these photos, they are so bright and pretty. And oh my goodness, look at that fruit!! Yum!

    Technicolour Dreamer

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-) x

  • LOVE EVERYTHING! I love how bright your room is and your sun dress!

    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • Fashion Party blog

    Such a cute pillows and photos on the wall!


    • kisforkani

      thank you ! X

  • Ailén
    • kisforkani

      thank you XX

  • Francesca

    Your day bed!! I want one! Your room looks so good. I really want to see the rest of your home now hahaa


    • kisforkani

      it’s my old bed converted into a little couch in the corner of my living area ! X

  • Your home is so pretty! This bed looks super comfy :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-) X

  • your room is stunning! love the salt lamp i just got one too :)
    bon x

    • kisforkani

      how fabulous are they? they just have this power of stillness and calm XX

  • Midheta Agic

    Hi, dear..

    What do you think about having liked each others Facebook pages?

    I would really appreciate if you like my Fb blog page.

    I’m trying to expand my Fb followers.

    Love ur blog so much.



    • kisforkani

      Thank you X/

  • Liz

    Your home looks amazing! I’m moving into a new apartment in a few months and your photos are making me excited about redecorating!

    • kisforkani

      redecorating is like styling an outfit but instead doing an entire place. you will have so much fun X

  • Steffi

    Love your bedroom! :D the black dots are cute! So much inspiration :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • Lily

    Your room looks amazing!! :)


  • Midori

    WO_OW your room is so peaceful and beautiful!!!!
    I’m just doing a little break from cleaning deepply my place :D and your room is inspiring me to keep doing it!

  • Adeline Yang

    I loveee your room! It’s just the right amount of colours, comfiness and creativity in one room! I’d love to exchange it with mine anytime lol ;D

  • Jessica Pham

    hey connie, just wondering what size is your salt lamp (kg wise) ?
    for comparison of sizing reasons – thinking of getting one!

    • kisforkani

      Hi Jessica sorry for the late reply! I believe it’s about 2-3 kg, hope that’s of some help!