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Wearing: Self Portrait dress (similar here & here), Miista Megan heels, Topshop green coat (similar here, here & here), Deadly Ponies Mr Mossat bag, Olivia Burton watch & Jolie and Deen triple band ring.

If I had to tell you some of my favourite British brands, I’d say I was wearing them all here. If you remember my love affair for Three Floor, you’ll understand why I love Self Portrait just as much. It’s a new label started by Han Chong who was previously creative director of Three Floor. All this crazy lace on mesh on textured fabric layering that is just oh so wearable (but how? I really have no idea but every piece I own is so comfortable on despite how crazy it looks) has really made my life so much more joyful since Han started creating all these beautiful pieces. And if you were sitting next to me on the day I discovered Miista whilst casually flipping through ASOS on an afternoon study break last year, you’d probably have a big a wish list of their shoes as me. These two labels seriously do no wrong, they produce pieces so deceivingly wearable but yet packed with so much creative energy. Coupled with my apple green coat, it makes for a very on-theme outfit for the opening night of Wicked the Musical in Melbourne which Tom and I attend last Saturday. I must be the only person in the world who hasn’t watched/read/seen the Wizard of Oz but at least now I can’t say the same about Wicked!

Photos: Thomas Debono.

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  • Jessica Pham

    Wizard of Oz is almost always on the t.v.! That’s an insane fact about yourself haha
    Not even plays at school about Wizard of Oz? I was in my school’s play for it!
    Anyway, fantastic outfit as always Connie :)
    Can’t wait for Wicked to hit Sydney again!!


    • kisforkani

      I know right! I seem to have successfully dodged it for the past 22 years of my life. Apparently my sister was in her school play for Wizard of Oz but since I didn’t attend I missed out.. oops!

  • Guest

    You look gorgeous! I like this green accent in your outfit.
    Carpet Cleaners ChiswickCarpet Cleaners Chiswick

    • kisforkani


  • amber charlton

    You look gorgeous! I like this green accent in your outfit.
    Carpet Cleaners Chiswick

    • kisforkani

      Thanks X

  • cielo

    Omg! I love your outfit so much! ♥


    • kisforkani

      Thank you :-) X

  • Kelsey Wilburn

    fantastic dress and i am dying over that awesome coat

    ladies in navy

    • kisforkani

      It’s been more versatile than I first thought! X

  • I absolutely love the pops of color in these photos- that building is the perfect combos of blue, and your coat pops so prettily against it!!! Love this whole shoot!

    <3 dani

    • kisforkani

      Thank you Dani :-) X

  • lavieenliz

    love this outfit


    • kisforkani

      Thank you X

  • Sweet Mona
    • kisforkani

      Thanks :)

  • ygriega

    i love that dress, i thought it was a set at first but the cutouts are very well placed huh?! xo

    • kisforkani

      it’s all a bit of a visual maze! what i love about han’s work !

  • Andini Ria

    I was just thinking that dress reminded me of Three Floor! Love how it has a feminine dainty feel yet incorporates an edgier shape and cut outs too, looks absolutely amazing on you. And paired with that green coat, ahhh dream outfit! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

    • kisforkani

      thank you !! XX

  • All of this is fabulous. The dress, shoes, coat and colors!!
    Love it.


    • kisforkani

      thank you :)

  • how lovely are the colours of that building! and i really love your dress, too! i’ve never seen wicked and i really want to, and i’d recommend you watch the wizard of oz, haha! it is the most wonderful little story! xx

    • kisforkani

      i was planning to see it before wizard but didn’t have the time. i did fast forward on the film and remember seeing a very funny looking guy dressed in a lion’s suit. oh how movies have changed now!

  • wow I truly love your coat, Kani, such a pretty colour! :)

    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

    • kisforkani

      thank you ester ! X

    • kisforkani

      thanks :)

  • that coat is sensational! love the dress too :)

    bon x

    • kisforkani

      thank you bonnie X

  • yess i love all versions of that Topshop coat! It’s such a winner


    • kisforkani

      wish i got it in more colours !

  • Niss

    this dress is gorgeous!!x


    • kisforkani

      thanks :-)

  • Rhea

    You look so beautiful! I love the dress and love how you add bright bursts of color to your outfits and photos! <3

    • kisforkani

      thank you rhea ! x

  • Meg Casson

    I love how colourful your outfits always are!


    • kisforkani

      thank you meg :-) X

  • Ahh love this so much! And Wicked is absolutely amazing. Definitely would love to see it again!


  • obsessed with those shoes!!

  • Holy moly that is one amazing coat! You look amazing lady!

  • a m a z i n g guh <3

  • Midori

    love it!!!! the dress, the story (I’m just checking right now Self Portrait!!!!) and the background! This blue building is amazing!

  • Midori
  • Andrea Ryan
  • crabb gerry

    Lovely outfit and nice color. I really like this dress.

  • I really love the dress!! Love how your setting and coat injected colors! So inspired by this!

  • May

    You really pull off the green coat. I have to say it reminds me of vomit-green, but I think you really make it stylish!