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Wearing: Three Floor ‘Precisely White’ dress, Zara blue coat (similar here & here), Coach Bleecker Riley carryall in neutral pink (similar here), Nine West Tanessa heels, Jolie and Deen pearl bracelet & Jolie and Deen pearl ring

I’m hopping onto the pastel side today with a little recap of the outfit I wore to St Kilda Film Festival’s Opening Night at the Palais which left me stunned once again at just how many beautiful theatres exist right under my nose in Melbourne. I honestly need to start being a tourist in my own city – if only SWOTVAC would hurry up so exams would come and go!

I’m been majorly into baby blue ever since I picked up this coat from Zara, the day after it hit the shelves. A little impulsive or more calculated impulse as I have been on the hunt for a soft hued coat for a while. I have always had a thing for Zara’s beautiful use of minimalistic design and classic cuts. So far, it seems to be fitting in quite well into my wardrobe, adding a dash of colour to my latest Three Floor edition and feeling right at home with these cobalt blue pumps :-)

Photos: Rowena Cao

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  • Sweet Mona

    amazing dress, love it!

    new look on my blog!!!

    • kisforkani

      thanks :-)

  • Meg Casson

    I absolutely adore this coat, so beautiful!

    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • Carla

    Hi! I love the pictures you take! Do you mind telling me which camera you use?

    • kisforkani

      I have a 7D XX

  • nyan

    i need the dress omg. you look gorgeous <333

    • kisforkani

      thanks :-)

  • rougeimaginaire

    I just love the shade of your coat :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • Wonderland Clothing


    • kisforkani

      thanks :-)

  • ManeUntame

    That coat is absolutely amazing! I love the way you paired it with a darker tone of blue but strategically in your shoes as to not overpower the pastels. I love pastels and definitely need to start introducing more color into my currently monochrome closet.


    • kisforkani

      thank you :-) it’s so hard to stick to one palette, i’ve been playing with black and white too lately !

  • ollyvia






    • kisforkani


  • Ahka Vintage
    • kisforkani

      thanks X

  • Dara Maharani

    I love your style dear,
    keep on posting and I’ll wait the next post :)

    • kisforkani

      thank you XX

  • Anniepop

    I was soooo close to buying that blue Zara coat last week.. now I’m regretting not getting it haha you look gorgeous as usual Connie X

    Much love,

    • kisforkani

      It might still be in stock! Quick! :D

  • Midori

    … the dress… <3 <3 <3

    • kisforkani


  • poorjessieann

    This whole outfit is EVERYTHING! Love this whole look!

    • kisforkani

      thank you X

  • Francesca

    Oh my gosh, so pretty! The blue is perfect!


    • kisforkani

      thank you XX

  • Andrea Ryan

    I especially love the coat and shoes <3

    • kisforkani

      thank you :-)

  • Laura

    honestly, you have the best wardrobe. i adore this dress, it’s so beautiful! xx

    • kisforkani

      thank you! X

  • Yiyun Yang

    like your style so much!! how do you deal with your hair?? they are so pretty

    • kisforkani

      Generally I put nothing in it (not skilled enough at hair styling) but for this post (and recently actually!) I have been trying out some texturising sprays :-) X

  • Audiany

    you have the best shoe collection! <3