—— 03.05.13 | fashion week ——

her name was kate sylvester

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Kate Sylvester SS 13/14

Presenting my favourites from Kate Sylvester’s collection shown at MBFWA. I loved the boyish, sportswear inspired looks which were balanced ever so femininely with pink lips and pointed heels. I’ve never really been into leather jackets but after seeing the tanned coloured jacket with baseball like stitching I changed my mind. Even the leather short sleeve shirt version looks wonderful though I don’t know what I’d wear it with just yet. Also, the pointed white and tan boots with a high yet not so high heel seem like the perfect Spring staple to trot around in day after day. Not sure if it was just me or if anyone else felt this too but this collection gave me a sort of mid-west vibe (which I loved!). The messy hair pulled back into ponytails really inspires me to grow out my fringe which I may or may not be doing as we speak..

—— 28.04.13 | fashion week ——

manning cartell ss’14

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Presenting in a transformed shed in a location outside the main building of Carriageworks, the SS collection from Manning Cartell featured an exciting collection of new fabrics and prints. Above are a snapshot of a few of my favourite looks. In particular, I loved the boxy overcoats with the zip down front shown in peach and off white. If only these pieces came in store for Winter, I can see it working so beautifully with the gloomy weather. You’d be a walking reflector! The cropped tops adorned with jewel fronts were also so beautiful in real life. I also loved the use of sheer mesh for sleeving (if that’s a word at all?) and the sandal heels. Sometimes I’m so drawn into looking at the garments that I forget to notice the shoes. Seeing the SS collection at MBFWA makes me wish I could just skip Winter all together and jump straight into a never-ending loop of Spring then Summer. But don’t we all want that!

—— 21.04.13 | fashion week ——

backstage at shakuhachi

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I’ve never covered a show backstage before so when I was invited to go backstage for Shakuhachi to check out the behind-the-scenes action, I admit I was a tad nervous. Not because I don’t like Shakuhachi (in fact, I quite like Shakuhachi) but because I’ve never really worked with my camera indoors under harsh fluorescent lights and when I put indoor lighting and me together, I always end up with the answer: catastrophe! I went anyway, with low expectations and was thoroughly surprised when I came home with shots that were actually in focus. It must have been because I felt so at home with the Shak crew backstage that I just started snapping away without a care in the world. I had so much fun as well that looking back now, I wish I went BTS for more shows! I just love how you can get close and personal with the clothes and the models. You can see more clearly the details of things you would otherwise miss from even a front row seat at the show. The textures of the garments, the metallic silver eyeshadow and crystals under each eye, the slicked back hair and the general backstage buzz was so much fun to be around and I really can’t wait to bring more of this type of FW coverage to my blog in the future. Hope you enjoy!