—— 05.11.13 | travel ——

venezia, the back streets of home

venice gondola 8 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary23 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary41 venezia, the back streets of homevenice gondola 4 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary51 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary6 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary81 venezia, the back streets of homevenice gondola 1 venezia, the back streets of homevenice gondola 2 venezia, the back streets of homevenice gondola 6 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary9 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary101 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary111 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary121 venezia, the back streets of homevenice gondola 5 venezia, the back streets of homevenicediary131 venezia, the back streets of homeWearing: Sessun coat, Gorman leggings, Primark scarf & Topshop boots 

It’s Melbourne Cup Day, 24 degrees (for once), sunny. And I’m stuck at home – like most uni students. Unless of course they in a slightly less unfortunate position sitting in an exam hall doing an exam on this beautiful day that is supposed to be a ‘public’ holiday.. no not for universities over here! Amidst revising the perpetually long book of size 8 font corporations law notes, whilst my printer hurls out trial exam after trial exam, I’ve had half the (spare) mind to suddenly think about how beautiful it was to be in Europe right now. I will really never get around to posting all these travel diaries, will I? So whilst I attempt to cram in all this nonsensical ‘knowledge’ about corporate contracting and get ready to visit Caulfield racecourse in a couple of days – no not for anything Stakes Day related, but in the name of academic progression – I will leave you all with a place us uni students probably all would rather be exploring, a place I miss so very much. No tourist attraction photos here, just the quaint back streets the locals call home. Hello Venice, I hope to see you again soon X

—— 15.08.13 | travel ——

santa maria della salute

venicediary33 santa maria della salutevenicediary141 santa maria della salutevenicediary32 santa maria della salutevenicediary18 santa maria della salutevenicediary191 santa maria della salute
Venice is home to some of the most beautiful churches, architecture and waterfronts. There are so many photos of Venice that I want to post on my blog that I don’t even know where to begin. I’ve tried to sort everything into three posts however I had a set of photos at this particular church that I thought looked best on its own. Every day in Venice, we would catch the water bus (or vaporetto) at a station in front of this majestic baroque building – Santa Maria Della Salute. When you ride the waters up and down the grand canal, it’s was the most beautiful sight. It’s octagonal shape and picturesque bell towers on top always stood out against the pastel coloured dwellings. Santa Maria Della Salute is a roman catholic church built in the 1600s after the black plague and was a dedication to Saint Mary – the lady of health. When you enter the building, you can see references to the plague via the statues erected inside. For those visiting Venice, it’s definitely a worthy stopover that’s just two stops from Piazza San Marco (not that you would miss such a big church!) and is also at the same stop as the Peggy Guggenheim museum :-) Stay tuned for the visual travel diary/ies next!

—— 11.02.13 | outfit, travel ——

woollen red

venicelook1 woollen redvenicelook2 woollen redvenicelook3 woollen redvenicelook4 woollen redvenicelook5 woollen redvenicelook6 woollen redvenicelook7 woollen redvenicelook8 woollen redvenicelook9 woollen redvenicelook10 woollen red

Wearing: Sessun red wool coat, Lonely Hearts navy velvet pinafore, Primark scarf, vintage white blouse & Topshop buckle boots {Photos: Tom}

It seems that when the weather is cold, all I want to do is wear bright colours and pretend it is all warm and cheery. I picked up this red wool coat from the Sessun boutique in Paris and it has been the perfect lighter-weight complement to my shearling lined dark red Sessun coat I wore religiously in chilly Paris. I  love the classic design with a button down front, twin pockets and comfortable, relaxed fit. Red is a colour I never quite get tired of so I can just see it taking me through many Winters to come! Italy’s Winter is very mild as compared to all the other countries we had visited so wearing some long sleeve thermals underneath my pinafore and coat was all that was really needed to keep warm. It was also the first time we saw the sun shine in Europe as well – something we had escaped from in Australia, only to realise how much we missed it! As it wasn’t snowing in Venice, I was very excited to swap my old snow-weather boots over for something more polished – these buckle boots from Topshop. I just love the buckle details and the fact that there is not just one, but four buckles on them! They’re also super tran-seasonal and I can’t wait to introduce them to Melbourne soil as the weather starts to cool down a wee bit.