—— 16.06.12 | outfit ——

new quay promenade

IMG 3867 new quay promenade

IMG 3872 new quay promenadeIMG 3963 new quay promenadeIMG 3922 new quay promenadeIMG 3915 new quay promenadeIMG 4071 new quay promenadeIMG 4115 new quay promenadeIMG 3877 new quay promenadeIMG 3958 new quay promenade


Wearing: Handmade sunflower headband, River Island coat, vintage blouse, Doury leather necklace, Gorman skirt, Minimarket buckle boots {Photos by Jeremy}

Ahh. The freedom! I feel like I haven’t done a proper outfit post since a very long time as I have been sharing travel diaries lately. I picked up this wool coat on my last day of London for a mere 35£ on sale and have been wearing it frequently ever since. I feel like a bright coat is an absolute necessity for gloomy, cold days and after coming back from Sydney, I have come to realise that Melbourne gets pretty cold. Well of course not to the point of snowing cold, but still much colder than Sydney which seems to be averaging 5°C warmer than Melbourne for the whole of this week. I sometimes find coats with longer sleeves a bit chunky to deal with and so I have really been taking a liking towards anything 3/4 sleeved or shorter. Or I can just confess it’s because I’ve been in love with this certain Loeffler Randall coat I saw Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl wearing some many years ago. The saddest thing is that it’s sold out, so I’m still on the hunt for something similar!

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—— 06.06.12 | outfit ——

casual weekend

k is for kani mbfwa outfit 2 casual weekend

k is for kani mbfwa outfit 6 casual weekend

k is for kani mbfwa outfit 3 casual weekend

k is for kani mbfwa outfit 7 casual weekend

Wearing: Kani orange floral headband, Monki mustard knit, vintage teal floral dress, Topshop socks & boots and a vintage bag {Photos by Marg}

So what does one of my really, casual outfits look like? Well, I’m not talking about really, really casual which would be trackies and some baggy jumper. I’m also not talking about really, really, really casual which I deem to be my pajamas. I’m just talking about something really easy I wear on say, the weekend to do nothing much :) Well! Here’s a good example. On the weekend before MBFWA, Jess, Yenny, Marg & I went for impromptu brunch and I went in this really comfy outfit. This vintage dress is many sizes too big for me so it hangs loosely and this mustard jumper has a nice baggy fit. I paired this with one of my handmade headbands, a pop of pink in my poodle print socks and my trust Topshop boots which I am pretty much wearing most days, these days. MBFWA was the first time I got to properly meet the other FELLT girls, given I had been in my own little {Melbourne} bubble most of the time prior to this!

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—— 05.05.12 | outfit ——

MBFWA: Day one

zanita2s MBFWA: Day one

zanita7s MBFWA: Day one

zanita1s MBFWA: Day one

zanita3s MBFWA: Day one

zanita6s MBFWA: Day one

zanita4s MBFWA: Day one

Wearing: Kani headband, ASOS asymmetrical shirt, knitted cardigan from overseas, Topshop printed trousers & heels, vintage necklace, ASOS clutch and rings. Photos by Zanita

Ah! What a break. Between my last post and now, I’ve flown to and back from Sydney, won the ASOS Future Stylist competition (eep! more on that very soon!) and have done a bazillion things in between. The past week was Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) and I was busy running around Circular Quay attending shows, taking photos and meeting lovely new people. I have over 17 gb worth of content to sort and share but I thought I’d begin with an outfit post of what I wore on the first day of fashion week. I’ve always been in love with sweet, soft colours and am dying to wear sorbet shades this season.. despite the cold weather lurking so closely ahead. The headband and trousers put together remind me of a floral garden so I decided to break it up with this asymmetrical white shirt. White pieces have been on high rotation in my wardrobe lately and I am loving the bright, fresh feeling it brings to an outfit. This year was the first year I attended MBFWA and I must say that I was extremely overwhelmed on Day 1 but thankfully things ended up going smoothly. Can’t wait to share :)