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currently loving

It’s quite obviously the middle of SWOTVAC right now because here I am, sitting in front of my computer screen, pinning everything and everything I like on Pinterest. Fashion week and too much time spent procrastinating and checking out on the online shopping world has really gotten the better of me. Sad for my wallet, but hooray to pretty new things. Amongst all the pin-able things I’ve been pinning, here’s a selection of what I am heads over heels in love with. Welcome to my now-organised previously-scatterbrain shopping list. It’s going to be the first of many ♡

animal bags copy currently loving

Animal bags (L-R, T-B):  The Rodnik Band Quilted Snappy Fish Bag // The Rodnik Band Shark Bag // Peter Jensen Rabbit Backpack // ASOS Ladybird Across Body Bag //  The Rodnik Band Snappy Fish Bag // Lulu Guinness Lily Cat Shopper//ASOS Suede Owl Across Body Bag

Animal bags have been popping up quite a bit lately and I am a huge fan of this super quirky trend. As I say, give me anything a little bit strange and I’ll instantly be in love. The Lulu Guinness shopper is on my mind as being my staple uni tote (still sitting on the fence but those pleading cat-eyes are really convincing). I am crazy about the owl and rabbit bags. The ladybird is super cute but I can’t have them all and I really couldn’t tell you how many hours or minutes I’ve been staring at The Rodnik Band’s fish bags. Ever since London, I have been falling more and more in love with UK brands. I have tweeted about these bags, shared them on Facebook and told every friend who listens. They’re such a cute little piece which you could just sling over a simple dress and -bam-you have an exciting outfit because you’re carrying a fish for a bag. How great is that? I’ve had all of these bags in my ‘saved items’ basket for too long now and the only thing that’s stopping me is that, I have no idea which fish bag to get. Black or red or..the shark?
(By the way that’s a serious question, please let me know below or I’ll be forever stuck)

pastel shoes currently loving

Pastel shoes (L-R/T-B): ASOS PERFECT Lilac Patent Heels // ASOS POPPET Suede Yellow Heels //ASOS PAPARAZZI Pastel Green Metal Heels // ASOS SIENNA Leather Cross Heels // See by Chloe Mary Jane Flats // See by Chloe Colour Block Flats // See by Chloe Lace Up Wedge Sneakers//ASOS MACAROON Lace Ups // Miss KG Annalise Bow Platforms

My shoe collection used to always be a mix of black and tan brown, with the occasional pop of white or grey. Recently, I’ve been really into adding colour and print to my shoe collection. Aside from acquiring an overly floral pair of lace up boots which I wore too many times during LMFF, I’ve also taken a liking to pastel coloured heels. The mint green shoe with the metal heel on the top right row – I have these in a lovely peachy colour. And it is that peachy pair of heels that started my little addiction for pastel shoes! I am currently in love with pastel yellow, mint green and lilac. Also, I’m also not supposed to be, but I am, in love with a certain pair of pastel pink See by Chloe lace up wedge sneakers. I really can’t keep my eyes off them and I’m going to have to stop writing about them now because the more I write, the more I convince myself I need them. They are, though, completely beautiful in that maybe once I finish my blog post I’ll muster the courage to make another impulse purchase.


little gold rings currently loving

Little gold rings: Jacquie Aiche gold plated rings

There’s something quite delicate about little gold rings that you wear everyday and never take off. They’re perfect for layering with other rings and seem like the accessory for whimsical sort of outfits filled with pastel and floral. Australia my not have officially launched into Winter yet.. but my mind has officially skipped to Spring as all I can think about are flowers and picnics. I’ve been on the hunt for something like this and the turquoise stone and gold bird rings have really caught my eye.

buckle boots currently loving

Buckle boots (L-R/T-B): ASOS APPLE Ankle Boots//Minimarket Iselin Leather Buckle Shoe //Minimarket Balder Leather Wedge Buckle Boot // Topshop ACTON Metal Buckle Boots // Topshop ADONIS Buckle Boots // Park Lane Leather Ankle Boot

You know you’re into buckles on shoes when you buy three pairs of buckle boots in an extremely short space of time. I was just casually browsing Topshop online the night before my trip to UK when I came across a certain pair of Topshop ACTON buckle boots which got me into this craze. The first thing I did when I got to the UK was (unsurprisingly) head to Oxford St to go shopping (and to buy a UK sim card for my phone). This pair of buckle boots was one of my first purchases in London and were, as I discovered later, not the last pair of buckle boots I was going to buy. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the Minimarket Iselin triple buckle boots on sale for much less than half the price. Now this was so highly enticing, complete with three buckles (hehe), that I literally bought them right then and there. Uh oh. And then what happened? Last week I was taking a ‘study break’ when I came across the Park Lane double buckle ankle boots. I had actually come across a similar pair of Park Lane buckle boots a couple of years ago but had no idea where I could buy the brand. Alas, the stars have since aligned. Today, I now have a pair of single buckle, double buckle and triple buckle boots. The only thing that I have got my eyes on now is a pair of vintage quadruple buckle boots I once saw on Etsy but weren’t in my size. I’m not going to stop until I find a similar pair!

statement belts currently loving

Statement belts (T-B/L-R): ASOS Eye Waist Belt// ASOS Chain Gold Metal Buckle Waist Belt // ASOS Heart Shape Chain Belt //ASOS Pastel Waist Belt // Sonia By Sonia Rykiel Bow Belt // ASOS Plate And Spike Detail Waist Belt // ASOS Oui Non Waist Belt

Aside from the problem that hardly any of the belts I buy fit me (I always have to go to the local shopping centre and get extra holes punched in), I love belts. A few of these statement belts are currently in my ‘saved items’ basket/in my wardrobe/on the way to me as we speak. The oui/non belt is one of my favourite belts – the fact that it’s in French makes everything just a little bit sweeter. I’ve been pondering over the pastel belt for ages now and the statement eye belt is really shouting “I am strange, buy me” at me right now. I first saw this heart & chain belt in London & wore it in my sample sale look. I have been dreaming about it ever since. Hehe, maybe it’s about time I make it mine.

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—— 21.05.12 | fashion week ——

runway highlights I

Every day of MBFWA, I took hundreds of photos and videos. So the process of sifting through all the photos was a long one and this post is long overdue. Here’s a selection of my favourite photos from the Miss Unkon, Bec and Bridge, Manning Cartell & Alice McCall runway.

Miss Unkon SS 12/13:

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 2 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 3 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 4 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 5 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 6 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 7 runway highlights I

mbfwa miss unkon 2012 sydney fashion week 8 runway highlights I

Miss Unkon: The beautiful Miss Unkon SS 12/13 collection was a delight to see. Sorbet yellow, orange, pink and blue graced the runway in delicate pleats. The ornamental metal embellishments which lined these pieces fluttered along ever so perfectly as the models walked and seeing numerous versions of this metal hem throughout the runway – on skirts, tops and dresses really made me want to get my hands on one. Another thing that I noticed as being popular for the upcoming season was organza and embroidery (also seen in Alice McCall’s collection – post coming soon). The beautiful white skirt with the embroidered floral applique really caught my eye. It’s the perfect way to go for a bit of volume in a playful, fun way, whilst of course, still being able to keep things cool (literally) in such a lightweight fabric.

Bec and Bridge SS 12/13

mbfwa bec and bridge 2012 sydney fashion week 1 runway highlights I

mbfwa bec and bridge 2012 sydney fashion week 2 runway highlights I

Bec and Bridge: A few of my photos didn’t turn out quite right for this show, but I guess these two photos do sum up my favourite pieces. A beautifully heavy peplum tip singlet and some amazing watercolour floral print blazers. All set on a backdrop of mainly white garments – a shade I am absolutely dying to wear this Summer!


Manning Cartell SS 12/13

manning1 runway highlights I

manning2 1024x682 runway highlights I

manning3 1024x682 runway highlights I

manning4 1024x682 runway highlights I

Manning Cartell: Manning Cartell presented their collection is a Darlinghurst Church and was filled with the most gorgeous, gorgeous prints I saw all fashion week. This particular mirror image floral print (which I took too many photos of and am now showing you in a dress, jacket, cropped bra and skirt) is something that I can’t stop thinking about. The print just had an overall very vintage sort of feel to it with its beige background, which is very refreshing and something I love. I was also quite keenly in love with the similar cream and grey set, as well as the little piping and sequin details on their pieces. So many things on my wishlist already <3

Alice McCall:

alicemccall1 runway highlights I

alicemccall2 runway highlights I

alicemccall4 runway highlights I

alicemccall3 runway highlights I

Alice McCall: – blew me away. This was the collection that had me on my toes from the very start and the collection that I am so desperately in love with. Every single piece here embodied the types of pieces I love most – feminine with a little bit of kitsch seemed like the overall vibe. I am so in love with the milk maid’s braid – not that I wasn’t in love with it already, I still cry at the fact that I can hardly braid my hair due to its layers, let along braid it around the top of my head. As soon as I can remotely get my hair to look like that, I am jumping onto the milk maid braid wagon. The little headscarves really reminded me of childhood innocence (for some reason) and Alice in Wonderland. The jewel drop earrings and china doll lips were so perfectly done and really added to the overall look. And I haven’t even started saying what I think about the pieces itself.. I really can’t get over the extensive embroidery, I literally want every single piece in my wardrobe.. right now ♡

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