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corduroy & cape coats

lucernelook11 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook10 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook5 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook3 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook2 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook6 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook9 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook4 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook1 corduroy & cape coatslucernelook8 corduroy & cape coats Wearing: ASOS light green boyfriend slouch beanie, Sessun dark green cape coat, vintage white blouse, vintage sweater guard, Zara corduroy jeans, Shashi ‘Dillon’ ring & Gorman ankle boots

I finally got the chance to visit the Sessun boutique in Paris during my stay there and was extremely estactic to see their collection in person after originally discovering them a few months earlier on ASOS. I left with three coats to add to my collection and a few days later, came across this little post about me on their blog! It’s such a lovely feeling when a brand you love writes about you in this way, it’s like a two way friendship. So now I am travelling around with four Sessun coats in my suitcase which are serving me extremely well in battling the cold here. I wore this dark green cape coat out and about in Lucerne. It’s one of the many green pieces in my suitcase that I try my absolute hardest not to wear all at the same time. After finding out how cold it really was in Paris (and how my cotton leggings, even with thermals under, just won’t cut it) I bought two pairs of warmer pants from Zara. One of which are these multi-coloured cord jeans which are extremely warm, a must have for Winter & makes me miss all my patterned and printed pieces in my wardrobe back at home!

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at westminster

Londonlook1 at westminsterLondonLook2 at westminsterLondonLook3 at westminsterLondonLook4 at westminsterLondonLook5 at westminsterLondonLook6 at westminsterLondonLook7 at westminsterLondonLooks8 at westminster Wearing: Sessun Julie and Candy parka coatASOS lime green rib boyfriend beanie, vintage white blouse, vintage sweater guard, ASOS Petite textured stitch jumper, Shashi Dillon ring/handmade rings, Gorman leggings and Gorman boots

When I was packing my suitcase for Europe, I was frantically looking around for all the knits and thermals I had. However, it turned out that the weather wasn’t all that cold in London and I was actually getting away with wearing only a shirt and knit underneath my coat every day. A London 10 C is not bad and I think it’s because all the buildings in the city block the cold wind, coupled with the fact that the British just happen to LOVE their heating. Every single indoor space you enter is met with an almost offending 30 degree climate. Not great if you’re wearing heaps of layers as you soon find yourself stripping them all off! These outfit photos were taken on Westminster bridge and its surrounds. I’m wearing my one and only coat (so far!) I packed for Europe, some Gorman leggings I picked up at the post-Christmas sales in Melbourne and boots that were a Christmas present from Tom :’-). If you’re visiting London, this is an area you don’t want to miss as there are lots of tourist attractions nearby including the London Eye Ferris Wheel, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and of course, Westminster Abbey – where William and Kate got married!

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de novo

vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 2 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 3 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 1 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 9 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 8 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 6 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 5 de novo vintage bag silk top skirt k is for kani etsy flower crown headband 4 de novo

Wearing: handmade flower crown headband + vintage necklace, silk top, floral skirt, bag and sandals {photos: Rowena}

Hi friends! I’d like to extend a warm, warm welcome to my new blog @ www.kisforkani.com. If you happen to have a different bookmark saved, be sure to update it with this domain :-) I have decided to leave FELLT network and am excited for what lies ahead. After deciding I couldn’t afford a website developer just yet, I spent countless days and nights drafting designs and brushing up on my coding skills. In the end, I came up with this! And might I say, I can’t wait to start a new chapter of K is for Kani on this slice of the world wide web. Hope you all like the design. To kick it off, this is the debut post!

Today, I caught up with a couple of friends over lunch and spent the evening shopping for Christmas presents. I was looking for something that was comfy enough to wear for long drives in the car, cool enough for the daytime outdoors and yet warm enough to roam through the air conditioned shopping centre at night. After much deliberation, I came up with this. An outfit which got me reasonably excited as practically everything I wore was vintage, which I find quite funny but not at all surprising since I have so much of it in my wardrobe. I’ve had this silk shirt in my wardrobe for ages and this skirt was one of the first vintage pieces I had ever owned. It had never crossed my mind to pair the two together however yesterday, whilst shopping online, I was busy planning an outfit in my head for European Winter which consisted of a navy jumper and green floral skirt. Funnily enough, that inspired my outfit today and was what made me want to pair green and navy together. These shoes were bought from the market recently and were a major impulse buy. I just needed sandals for Summer and have been wearing these most days ever since. Don’t you just love when that happens? Exit cognitive dissonance, enter instant satisfaction!

Recently, I have been so busy working in my Etsy studio and running (and flying) around for blog work. I even hosted a fashion show, Fair Fashion @ Federation Square last week – something I didn’t know I had the ability to do until I finished! I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone’s support this year and in particular, thank you everyone for your lovely words and emails on the Peppermint magazine cover-shoot. You guys, my readers are most wonderful and I can’t wait to have you on the journey ahead :-)

Have a happy weekend!